Burundi: After the visit of President Tshisekedi in Burundi, the CNDDFDD power finalizes the preparations for its men for three fronts

Burundi: After the visit of President Tshisekedi in Burundi, the CNDDFDD power finalizes the preparations for its men for three fronts
Three different but complementary fronts will soon be opened by the CNDDFDD power of Evariste Ndayishimiye. The first will be open in the DRC in collaboration with the FARDC, May May, the FDRL and the ADF. Military and members of the Imbonerakure militia will soon be sent to this outside front.
On the two interior fronts, one will be occupied by soldiers and imbonerakure and the other by the new force, FRAD (reserve and development support force) being finalized. The latter is actively prepared and will have the role of putting an end to the Tutsis and the members of the CNL when the CNDDFDD power will be threatened.
Everything has been planned. These soldiers and Imbonerakure will be deployed on the border between Burundi and Rwanda in reinforcement of the FDLR/FLN which are in Kibira, border with Rwanda. This is the plan: a front in the DRC, a front in the Kibira and a deployment of FRAD throughout the country.
Indeed, something is going on in the sub-region and this is remotely wicked out by Western powers. The moment will come to reveal them and denounce them publicly. And the target of all this plan is Rwanda. It is enough to look at some speaking facts to confirm it: The Congolese government has just declared the M23 terrorist group, that is to say that it declared the total war on this movement. This same government openly and publicly accuses Kigali’s power of supporting the M23. By simple transitivity, Kigali’s power is no longer a partner with whom you have to sit to find a peaceful solution, but an enemy to fight. Which is serious. And it is no coincidence that bombs were launched on the territory of Rwanda, on the Musanze side, causing wounded and material damage. There has never been surveys or excuses from Kinshasa power because the bombs were launched from its territory. It was May 23, 2022; And that day, President Antoine Felix Tshisekedi was at President Ndayishimiye in Burundi. Officially, the three-day visit was to contemplate the projects that work well (do they exist in Burundi?) and learn from the good organization of the Burundian army. An unspoken pattern that hides another unofficial. Our source tells us that President Tshisekedi would have asked his counterpart to prepare his men to enter this total war with the M23
Burundi has very important assets that Tshisekedi needs to start this war. The CNDDFDD power is on good terms with the FDLR/FLN, with the ADF, May May and other groups allied to these first which operate both in DRC and Burundi. It is then easy to strengthen FDLR/FLN in the Kibira to launch an attack on Rwanda.
In the DRC, after the ADF hunted by the Ugandan army (officially entered the DRC to fight this group), the latter (ADF) have scattered, divided into groups, and found refuge in the ranks of FDLR and its Allies and within the Burundian soldiers and Imbonerakure present unofficially in the DRC (let us underline by passing that within the ADF, there are a lot of Burundians).
The restoration of relations between Kampala and Kigali was not well received by Bujumbura, Kinshasa, or by extremist and genocidal groups operating in the east of the DRC. It is for this reason that all of these groups have coalized with the FARDC to impose a total war on the M23; The latter being considered a movement, the majority of which are made up of Congolese of Tutsi origin. And it’s not free that Tshisekedi’s power continues to multiply declarations accusing Kigali’s power of collaboration with the M23. Indirectly said, the total fight against the M23 also means a fight against Rwanda. This is the main unofficial reason for the meeting between the presidents Tshisekedi and Ndayishimiye: coordinate the fight on the two fronts: from the DRC and the Burundi to lunch attacks and put the end to the power of Kigali (a dream probably).
Today, Burundian soldiers are gathering in the Rukoko reserve to prepare to be deployed both in DRC and in the Kibira in reinforcement to those who are already there.
Let us underline in finishing that our source of information tells us that when the war has broken out, batteries will be deployed in the province of Muyinga in Burundi to launch shells on the Rwandan region which houses the Mahama refugee camp.
Urnhitamwoneza once again asks all men who love peace to do everything to avoid this war which targets a genocide of the Tutsis of the Great Lakes region, especially those of Burundi (the members of the CNL will also be targeted) and the Banyamulenge of the DRC. In recent days, many acts of provocation of Rwanda will be posed by the FARDC via the FDLR/FLN, precisely to burst this war for which they have already prepared. To all the inhabitants of the countries concerned, we recommend vigilance and prudence because this war will be the deadliest that you have never seen in your life. God protects you.

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