Burundi: Do CNDDFDD leaders lack love for their people or political vision?

Burundi: Do CNDDFDD leaders lack love for their people or political vision?
Why not both? This is our observation if we analyse everything they have done since 2005. We do not want to come back to all the crimes committed by these false leaders, we will have time to reveal them to the public in detail. But, today, we still want to awaken the consciousness of Burundians in general and in particular all those who say they are proud to be members of the CNDDFDD in power.
Our analysis will just focus on a small social angle to show how much the military clique in power does not care about its people, but with its own interests. Lack of love and political vision at the same time.
How ? Even if comparison is not necessarily right (said Raymond Queneau), we started from two simple examples of the presidents of Senegal and the United States of America. Two recent cases.
The Senegalese president, Macky Sall, president in office of the African Union, did not hesitate for a moment to leave the summit of the heads of states of the countries of the African Union held in Malabo in Equatorial Guinea just after its opening May 27, 2022 to meet and comfort the parents of the 11 babies who died in the Tivaouane hospital following a fire in the neonatology service on May 25, 2022 evening. Would the President Evariste Ndayishimiye do it in the same way? Him or you to give the answer.
In the United States of America, in the State of Texas, an 18 -year -old teenager opened fire in Robb primary school on May 24, 2022, killing 19 young students and two teachers. The shooting occurred while Joe Biden was on the way back to his tour in Asia. He and his vice-president Kamala Harris did not spend a quiet night. Joe Baden spoke in the evening, as soon as he arrived at the White House to announce that with his wife Jill, they will go to Texas to meet the families and let them know what follows:  » We have an idea, just an idea, of their pain and to, hope, bring a little comfort to a community in shock, bereaved  ». And Kamala Harris added: « Too much, it’s too much », and promised to act « on the subject of violence by firearms, a national scourge ».
Let us add that in February 2022, the Moroccan people were mobilized for 5 days, from the king to the small citizen, until they find Rayan Oram, a small 5 -year -old child who fell into a deep well by accident. Rayan had fallen into a 32 -meter dry well, narrow and difficult to access, dug near the family residence in the village of Ighrane, in the province of Chefchaouen, in the north of the kingdom. All the country’s rescue services have been mobilized and worked day and night, making all possible and imaginable manoeuvres to recover it alive. Unfortunately, he was found dead. The press indicates that this death shocked all the people and His Majesty King Mohammed VI called the parents of the deceased to comfort them.
In Burundi, people are killed every day, corpses are picked up here and there in the country, old mothers over 70 years old are mistreated, tortured by the imbonerakure, and no authority says a word. Which is even more serious, all the people sees it as normal, no one dares to denounce such acts for fear of being killed, tortured or imprisoned.
Soldiers on peacekeeping mission in Somalia die by the dozen, including battalion commanders; President Ndayishimiye is satisfied with a simple tweeter. The corpses of our soldiers are not recovered, some buried by the Shabbab, others devoured by birds and stray dogs; The parents of the victims are neither informed nor comforted. This is the inhuman scene that the Burundians live on a daily basis.
Why can’t our leaders be inspired by good examples? Do they not have an intelligence for that where they lack love for their people? They like good speeches just to distract the naive, but ends of the ends, the enticing words without concrete acts will end up radicalizing them and disqualifying them. When President Evariste Ndayishimiye responds to the Burundians who cry famine that they have not yet hungry because have not yet eaten snails, earthworms and banana groves, it is both for lack of worries, of love for the people (when he has enough to eat in abundance with his many children, he fucks from others), but also for lack of intelligence because he does not measure the extent of these statements. He says so may be for lack of clear response to such a thorny problem and he is looking for an escape. It is for lack of vision of the leaders of the CNDDFDD system that the country has arrived at this stage. When they came to power, they all race for personal wealth and everyone recovered everything that was at their disposal until all the riches of the country are found in the pockets of a handful of men and of women from CNDDFDD.
URN Hitamwoneza has no more words to say to reminding the Burundian people that as long as these CNDDFDD leaders are still in power, the country will never have lasting peace for all, even less development. It remains to choose: stay with them and stay in misfortune or get rid of them and be released. The ball is in our camp.

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