Burundi: Political intolerance reaches its climax in Burundi

Burundi: Political intolerance reaches its climax in Burundi
‘’ The CNDDFDD is not a political party; It’s a state, it’s Burundi ’’; said Reveien Ndikuriyo, secretary general of the CNDDFDD, to his Militia Imbonerakure. This is where political intolerance comes from in Burundi: from these unlit leaders, who are drunk with power and who say everything that comes on their lips without thinking. There are already 04 that have already demonstrated serious blunders in their languages: it is Reveien Ndikuriyo, Gélase Daniel Ndabirabe, Evariste Ndayishimye and Ezekiel Nibigira. It’s up to you to make the ranking.
To say that the CNDDFD is a state, that is to say that the party becomes a state in another State; That is also to say that there are no more other parties, that it is the only one in Burundi. Here, you should know that in his little head, Reveien Ndikuriyo thought that the CNDDFD will always remain alone in power; Which makes him say that it is a state, Burundi. Very great stupidity. Mr. Secretary General, the CNDDFD was one day created, he will grow until we do not know where and he will die. This is the normal way. But Burundi as a territorial entity will remain as you have found it from your birth; Except that you will leave after looting all its resources.
Take two very recent examples that show the level of political intolerance in Burundi; An intolerance taught by these CNDDFDD leaders without faith or law, but who, publicly say that the unity of Burundians and democracy have become a reality in Burundi.
The most recent is the arrest at home, on May 29, 2022, of Itangishaka Saidi, member of the CNL. It’s on the Rusara hill, Buhoro zone, Bwambarangwe commune in the Kirundo province. He would have paid an almond of 54,000 FRBU then imprisoned for having carried a uniform of his party when it is prohibited by the administration. Only CNDDFDD members would be authorized to carry party uniforms.
The second is that of an old mother over 60 who was seriously mistreated by young Imbonerakure from the CNDDFDD on the Kinama hill, from the Gisuru commune in the Ruyigi province. It was May 27, 2022. The old mother was hospitalized following the blows inflicted on her by these rabid wolves. Only mother’s sin: to be a member of the CNL and to have refused to join the Eagle party.
In both recent cases cited, the authors of these abuses have never been worried, no prosecution because they have executed the orders they received from their leaders. By telling them that the CNDDFD is a state, the Burundi, Reveien Ndikuriyo recommended them either to kill or to imprison or hunt Burundi, all those who are not CNDDFD. Will he accept to take responsibility for the acts posed by his lieutenants tomorrow when things are changing?
Many observers say that this attitude of CNDDFDD leaders shows that they are afraid of the emergence of other political parties who would risk oust theirs when they begin to realize that they have nothing Made of positive in Burundi for more than 15 years in power. They had the taste in the 2020 elections. Even if they succeeded in imposing their victory by force of arms, they saw that the people no longer want their power which has only learned Burundians and Burundi until bringing it back to the bottom of the world scale. The CNDDFDD military clique managed to silence everyone in 2020, he won’t succeed in all the time
URN Hitamwoneza believes that it is time for Burundians to think of other manoeuvres to find themselves leaders capable of directing them towards the right path and putting in place other mechanisms of living democracy adapted to the reality of the country, instead of thinking Still, democracy is synonymous with elections; Which elections are still won today by the one who has the strength of weapons. When the secretary general of the CNDDFDD dares to say that his party is a state, all non -members have no room in this country. Hence, we have to act quickly, otherwise tomorrow may be too late.

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