Burundi: CNDDFDD power is the first responsible of military failures suffered by Burundian soldiers in Somalia.

Burundi: CNDDFDD power is the first responsible of military failures suffered by Burundian soldiers in Somalia.
This is the conclusion that any wise observer would derive from the analysis of recurring failures observed among Burundian soldiers on a peacekeeping mission in Somalia. Yesterday called Amisom and today Atmis, the soldiers sent to this mission were not used to undergoing frontal attacks by the AL Shabaab terrorists, but rather attacks by dropping bombs, ambushes on routes, traps on Vehicles by anti-tanks or terrorist attacks by explosion of trapped vehicles. In many cases, Shabaabs take advantage of the inattention or weakness of our soldiers to inflict enormous damage to them.
The case of the recent attack on May 03, 2022 on the military position of the Ceel Baraf region, a hundred northeast kilometres of Mogadishu, is atypical. Vehicles from Al Shabaab, full of explosives, have easily entered the military system; After the explosion of these vehicles which made enormous damage, the Shabaabs attacked the position, destroyed all the soldiers who were there, including the battalion commander, and occupied the position for two weeks without any intervention. The second commander who was on positions around the command post took flight with a hundred soldiers, they did more than 20km without the Shabaab pursuing them.
Why this attitude?
It is surprising that at present, contingents deployed in Somalia still allow Somalians, soldiers or civilians, to enter their devices, even less in unit command posts. It is known that no one will ever know that the Somali is not Al Shabaab; He presents himself as a simple citizen and becomes familiar with you, just the time you trust him and find an opportunity to kill the maximum possible men. This is the tactics that they have used since 2008. It is therefore incomprehensible that until today, soldiers still accept that Somalians enter their bases and moreover with vehicles.
It is the extreme level of poverty of the Burundian soldiers who makes them even forget the fundamental security rules, starting with the military leaders, who, instead of worrying more about the lives of men under their responsibility and Their lives are more like material profits. This is what happened in the position of Ceel Baraf in Somalia for the Burundian contingent.
Commander Battalion regularly sold fuel to Somali civilians, not knowing that he had to do the Shabaab. Note by passing that since 2009, when the United Nations has taken charge of the logistics of the military on mission in Somalia, they give a lot of fuel and the surplus is sold to Somali civilians to recover a certain sum of dollars. Generally, this sum is shared between chefs or the commander keeps all the money, arguing that he serves for the maintenance of men. The commander of this unit which was attacked was a lieutenant-colonel, ex Fab of the 33rd Promotion and his assistant was a major, ex PMPA from the CNDDFDD. The two were not on good terms, perhaps because of the non-equitable sharing of this dirty money, or why not because of their political trends (normally the military does not have a political trend, this evil comes from the CNDDFDD ). The vehicle that came to recover the fuel entered the device and it is inside until late at night arguing that it had had a breakdown; It was just the time that the Shabaabs took up position around the position before exploding it because it was full of explosives. The commander who was inside the command post died on the spot and the second commander, instead of intervening to save those who were attacked, he ordered a hundred soldiers to flee further from the position, to about twenty kilometres. The Shabaabs have entered the position, finished the wounded, and recovered all light and heavy weapons in this command post. They even had time to trap the corpses with explosives so that people who come to recover them can jump themselves. On the 17th 2022, another unit of the Burundian soldiers of the Atmis went to the position to try to recover the corpses which were already decaying, they noticed these traps, exploded some, left others not to not put in danger and have turned into their initial bases.
This suicidal attitude for the search for money comes from the fact that the CNDDFDD power keeps the money for these soldiers for a long time while they already reimburse the money that the military bank gives them as a loan with great interest before their deployment, just to let their families live for a while. Imagine that the CNDDFDD power retains 5 months’ salary for the military of 57, 58 and 59 th battalion, 10 months of salary for the 60 and 61st BN, 7 months for the 62 and 63rd BN; 6 months for the 64th battalion.
In addition to this, equipment rental fees are regularly paid to the Burundian government and does not use this money to equip the soldiers on a mission; They often lack heavy weapons and other equipment adapted to their mission and new enemy tactics. The management of this agent remains opaque; Nothing says that he is not used for the criminal missions of the Imbonerakure and other squadrons of the death of the CNDDFDD power since the Minister of Finance even dares to hide his destination from parliamentarians.
This means that the first responsibility comes back to power CNDDFDD which depletes from day to day the Burundian people in general and our soldiers in particular and who pushes them to suicide. Today, even those who have had the chance to go on a peacekeeping mission are frustrated not to have had their due when the military of other countries received all of their money.
Those from the CNDDFDD who have returned from Somalia say « Uwuzoramba azobona » (who will live will see):  » The chiefs with whom we were together in the rebellion use us as an object of research of their personal interests and retain our money as We will die of hunger after escaping a certain death in Somalia  ».
And the military clique of the CNDDFDD in power is aware of this frustration, these leaders know that they do not have a professional army or police to defend them and think that the new force (FRAD) in which will be concentrated all the Imbonerakure of the CNDDFD will be easy to handle and use as they want. They will also be sent to the DRC to support the FDRL and its Allied armed groups in order to attack the M23 in force alongside the FARDC, then attack Rwanda and return to finish with the Tutsis and the members of the CNL in Burundi. This is the content of their plan. And that’s why today, military training of these imbonerakure are made in almost all the provinces of the country intensively.
URN Hitamwoneza once again appeals to all soldiers and police officers still in activity to be respected: refuse to be used as tools for searching personal interests of a handful of men and women from the CNDDFDD and think rather of all effective manoeuvres to save this Burundian population in distress. Peace for all in Burundi is at this price. The ball is in your camp.

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