Burundi: Why does Monusco only lash out at the M23 and closes the eyes on all other armed groups?

Burundi: Why does Monusco only lash out at the M23 and closes the eyes on all other armed groups?
It is Ms. Bintou Keita, Special Representative of the Secretary General of the United Nations (UN) and head of the UN mission for the stabilization of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Monusco, which has just declared that the United Nations ( Monusco) are determined to finish, by military force, with the M23. It was when he trips to Goma. The deputy spokesperson for this gigantic mission, the Monusco, repercussions on June 02, 2022, on the BBC Gahuzamryango (she spoke in French and translated into Kinyarwanda). Amazing is to hear how she was embarrassed to answer the various relevant questions of the journalist. Nicolas Boileau said that ‘’ What is good promises to be clear and the words to say it came easily’’. This was not the case for this poor spokesperson; This simply means that this mission is not true.
Those were the journalist’s questions: is the Monusco now at the war open with the M23? Is the government right to call the M23 terrorist group? Since you say that you are in support of the government (FARDC), do you also consider the M23 as a terrorist group? Rwanda accuses you of working with the FDLR, do you refute these accusations? Why is Monusco severe against M23 and not the other armed groups? Do you have information that the FARDC you support collaborate with the FDLR?
To all these questions, the spokesperson revolved around a single simple answer: Monusco works in accordance with its mandate for the protection of the civilian population (POC) in compliance with international humanitarian law. She refuted that the mission for which she works collaborates with the FDLR and said that it does not only fight the M23, but all the armed groups.
At this point, we are entitled to also ask a lot of questions given the new attitude of this UN force which has just spent more than 20 years in the DRC and whose results remain invisible, if not negative. Thousands of Congolese citizens were massacred by the ADF; Neither the FARDC nor the Monusco, no one could prevent this group from killing innocent people, until inviting the Ugandan army to enter the DRC to take care of it in a particular way. Was this population not on the list of civilians that Monusco should protect? Hundreds of armed groups, some of Congolese origin, others from Burundi and other countries, kill day after day, Congolese civilians and particularly Congolese Tutsis and Monusco has done nothing for more than 20 years. Which is more serious than all of this: FDRL are known by the United Nations as a negative force, a terrorist force (by the lusaka agreements, like the Burundi FDD), which, from the DRC, continues to teach the ideology of genocide of the Tutsis after having committed the irreparable in Rwanda in 1994. These genocidaires have already woven bonds of friendship and cooperation with the FARDC, groups of May May and the CNDDFDD power (which sends soldiers and members of the Imbonerakure Militia of the CNDDFDD in the DRC to support the FDRL and moreover which facilitates them the access in the Kibira of Burundi where they also benefit the logistical support of the National Defence Force of Burundi in order to disturb the order in neighbouring Rwanda). What pushes a strength of the United Nations today, Monusco (which knows how the United Nations failed to stop the genocide of the Rwandan Tutsis in 1994), to harass the M23 (which claims its rights as Congolese) and to declare a total war for him. This force claims that it has the mission of protecting the civilian population. How would it protect civilians by combining with genocidal groups such as FDRL determined to exterminate a category of the population, the Tutsis? Are they not also human beings to protect Mr. Secretary General of the United Nations (UNSG)?
Mr. UNSG, striving on the M23 to fight it with your helicopters in support of the FARDC, you play the Congolese government game which has just declared M23 terrorist group (that is to say with whom we should no longer to negotiate). This group will probably not lay down their arms to be massacred by enraged extremists. By accusing Rwanda of supporting M23, encouraging the Congolese population to hate their Congolese brothers of Tutsi origin and the Tutsis of Rwanda, the Congolese government, undoubtedly under the impulse of other Western powers (which have interests Defending in the DRC), also implicitly declared war to Rwanda. Some Congolese parliamentarians do not even hesitate to say that a lasting solution to these conflicts is to annex Rwanda. And when some Hutu extremists speak of M23 and Rwanda, they speak, in a veiled way, of Tutsis in general. Everyone saw, after the speech of the Commissioner General of the National Police of North Kivu pronounced on May 25, 2022 in Goma, asking the population to take machetes to defend the city against the M23 attacks, how people started to Shake machetes and launch slogans insulting the Rwandan president and asking the Congolese Tutsis to return to Rwanda. Today, Gitega’s power is sending reinforcements of Military and Militians Imbonerakure of the CNDDFD in DRC supposedly to fight the Red Tabara, but unofficially it is to go and support the FARDC (Tshisekedi asked for it during His recent visit to Burundi), May May, FDRL, ADF, all against M23. The idea behind Mr. António Guterres is starting with eastern DRC to exterminate all the Tutsis from the Great Lakes region. Are you ready to assume the responsibility of this genocide, since you have taken the option of militarily supporting all these extremist and criminal groups?
URN Hitamwoneza reminds you, SGNU, that we have never stopped shouting, to write, to say that he is preparing a genocide of the Tutsis in the Great Lakes region. The time has come and here you are about to support those who planned it in its implementation. This time, you are not going to shed crocodile tears saying that you have not known as you did in Rwanda in 1994. An informed man is worth two (Philippe Sollers).

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