Burundi: When will CNDDFDD power stop killing innocent Burundians?

Burundi: When will CNDDFDD power stop killing innocent Burundians?
This is one of the questions that a lot of Burundian and foreigners who love this beautiful country are asking themselves. Many other questions run in the heads of those who are thirsty for peace in Burundi: when we cease to hear corpses that are picked up here and there in the country and the CNDDFDD administration haste bury its so that there is no identification? When will arbitrary arrests by SNR, police or army and militia Imbonerakure of the CNDDFDD agents? When will Gitega’s power end the injustice and terror exerted on the Burundians who are not members of the CNDDFDD so that everyone really feels in their motherland?
The Iteka League has just published its monthly report. For the month of May 2022 alone, the report shows at least 40 people killed including 31 corpses discovered; 14 cases of rape, 06 forced disappearances, 3 tortures, 5 arbitrary arrests. It should be noted that this human rights organization recognizes that these figures do not reveal reality on the ground because their investigators see only what escapes the vigilance of these squadrons of the death of the CNDDFD. Their tactics are already known: a person abducted is imprisoned in a place kept secret, then killed, his corpse is transported to be thrown away from his place of origin where nobody will recognize her, then, once the corpse has been discovered, the administration received the order to have it buried as quickly as possible. The other corpses are thrown into the lakes and rivers, large stones attached to the blows so that they do not rise to the surface before the total decomposition.
The most recent cases are reported in the commune of Nyanza Lac in the Makamba province where 4 bodies were discovered in a single week. Nyanza Lac risks replacing Cibitoke province, with Rusizi, who have become cemeteries of people killed by CNDDFDD power; A province that includes many executives, both military and civilians, influential in the CNDDFDD. One of the 4 corpses were found on Lake Tanganyika in Nyanza Lac, another on the Nyakabondo river, another in the centre of Nyanza Lac and another in Muyange locality. The administration which rushes to have these corpses buried cannot say that people killed are sometimes thieves who are caught and executed by the population. What a shame for the CNDDFDD power! The death penalty is abolished in Burundi, and the leaders of this eagle party find it normal to say that the population is entitled to do justice. It’s the law of the jungle. This is precisely a language used to hide these executions from non -members of the CNDDFDD, made by members of the Militia Imbonerakure and certain police officers and SNR mandated by the CNDDFDD power. This is why there is always a direct burial of these corpses without any identification and without surveys.
URN Hitamwoneza asks the question of when the Burundians see that the water has already overwhelmed the vase and that it is late to act? How many people should the CNDDFDD still kill so that everyone is up and say stop? Why stay so long with a power that kills, torture, which imprison and which forces its citizens to exile and which systematically plunders all national resources until the country is classified the first poor in the world? Enough is enough. Once again, we appeal to all Burundians (of all trends because we are all in danger; some in danger of atrocious death by arms, others in danger of slow death by hunger), the forces of Defence and security on the front line, to get up like a single man to drive out from power this handful of men and women from the CNDDFDD (richer than the State) who takes 12 million Burundians hostage. All strategies are good for saving what remains to be saved.

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