Burundi: A supreme guide of patriotism or a criminal to translate in front of the courts?

Burundi: A supreme guide of patriotism or a criminal to translate in front of the courts?
It was this June 8, 2022 that Gitega’s power commemorates the 2nd anniversary of the death of former President Pierre Nkurunziza and national guide of patriotism; The CNDDFDD sometimes calls him supreme guide, sometimes a national guide of patriotism. This date also symbolizes, for the power of Gitega, the national day of patriotism.
In truth, Pierre Nkurunziza can in no case deserve this title. He is just the opposite of a patriot. He has too much responsibilities in all the misfortunes of Burundians of yesterday and today. He is a real criminal, who, instead of being honoured, should, under other skies, be translated before the courts to answer for all his actions.
Indeed, he killed innocent during the maquis; He himself said that he pounded babies in a mortar; He killed innocent by mines in the capital Bujumbura and was sentenced to death; The Arusha agreements allowed him to return with impunity and became President of the Republic. Poor Burundi! Throughout his reign, he and his military click in power only plundered all the country’s resources starting by selling the Falcon50. As if that were not enough, after his mandate, he forced another anti -constitutional mandate which was the basis of many other misfortunes of the thousands of Burundians. People were killed atrociously by police and soldiers of the zealous CNDDFDDs, on the front line the presidential guard, as well as the members of the Militia Imbonerakure of the CNDDFDD. Others have been tortured, imprisoned and forced into exile.
President Evariste Ndayishimiye who occupied the presidential chair by military force after having suffered a bitter failure in the May 2020 elections, only continued his work. Human rights organizations show that his power kills more than that of Nkurunziza. It was impossible for him to enforce the Constitution which asks any political representative to declare his property before his entry into office; And the leaders of the CNDDFDD continued to plunder everything that Nkurunziza had left, until they become richer than the State (the example of Côme Manirakiza who built for the State a building in floors with the silver diverted in the mines, the constructions of the dams is more than eloquent ; however, he was decorated by President Ndayishimiye).
The speech of President Ndayishimiye during this so -called patriotism day is not different from what he is used to telling each time he opens his mouth to speak. It always blows hot and cold; Sometimes he says one thing and his opposite, sometimes he tells things that have never existed just to distract people when he has no solutions for the thorny problems of Burundi. At one point, he presents Burundi as one paradise, to another, he speaks of one country totally ruined by the officials of the State which he himself wants to note for the interest of the people. Luxury speeches that are never followed by concrete acts because the great thieves continue to do so, the big criminals continue to kill in total impunity; You just have to be an influential member of the CNDDFDD. The non -members (like Doctor Christophe Sahabo and others), if they are not killed, they are imprisoned in an inhuman way on simple suspicions. All their projects are intentionally ruined by the Ndayishimiye power at the time when no one can benefit from any position of state responsibility. It’s a kind of genocide that the CNDDFDD’s military clique is making them. And yet, Evariste Ndayishimiye will say everywhere that unity between Burundians is a reality; that peace and security for all is guaranteed; that the Burundians begin to love his power and the country (even those who yesterday said they were opponents); that the only problem to which its power is solving is that of development. Mr. President, does not think like Alain Leblay who said that the lie many times repeated gives birth to a truth, but listening Mazouz Hacène who tells you that:  » Lies can temporarily hide the truth, but he forgets that no cloud cannot forever hide the sun  »
URN Hitamwoneza simply reminds you, if you often forget, that all these shameless montages that you are around patriotism oriented towards the search for voices to keep you in power when the majority of the people lack everything, all these festivals and Monuments that you initiate on behalf of the CNDDFDD, by excluding all the others in a veiled way, all this will be destroyed tomorrow when you will no longer be in power. Burundi needs signs and words that bring together his daughters and son, not those who revive the wounds of the past and keep them in fear and despair. We think you understood everything. To all of us Burundian in love with the peace to put in the places they deserve these leaders of the CNDDFDD who have only ruined the country since 2005; They must answer the crimes they have committed from the maquis until today. Aristotle said: ‘’ in everything, it is the end that is essential’’; their end is bad, very bad.

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