Monusco: UN mission for stabilization in the DRC or mission to destabilize the country and prepare for the Tutsis genocide?

Monusco: UN mission for stabilization in the DRC or mission to destabilize the country and prepare for the Tutsis genocide?
Any wise observer is entitled to ask this question when we see the current behaviour on the ground of this gigantic mission of the nations deployed in the DRC for more than 20 years.
Before arriving at its current attitude, let’s go back to see its results or rather its shortcomings for as many years as this mission is present in this large country. There is no need to look from noon to fourteen o’clock, everyone finds that she has miserably failed in her mission to stabilize the country. In addition, we stabilize a country that has the minimum of peace. Is there a peace in the DRC when the power of Kinshasa manages to put in a state of siege part of its territory (cede the management of the provinces to military governors) to see if there is a way to restore peace on a part of the territory almost controlled by armed groups, some of which come from abroad? However, Monusco was there. In its mission, this UN strength likes to deceive the opinion that it is in charge of the protection of the civilian population (POC). How many Congolese have they been killed by more than 100 armed groups including ADF, FDLR, FLN, Imbonerakure of the CNDDFDD (armed groups from neighbouring countries, to speak only the best known) and groups of May May and others that swarm on Congolese soil, especially in the North and South Kivu? Where were Monusco and its intervention brigade? They were there.
None could be wrong and say that they were helpless. No, they have big means of the United Nations, it is perhaps the implicit mission that they have received: let the chaos spread everywhere in the DRC, if not put the oil on the fire so that the situation s’ empire. Who take advantage of it?
All these countries that give large sums of dollars to maintain Monusco take advantage of this disorder to exploit the natural resources of this continent country. Videos circulate on social networks where a journalist begins his story with: « The DRC belongs only to Congolese than virtually ». It demonstrates black on white that 70% of strategic ores that this country has belong only to foreign firms, and the 30% which constitute the craft industry is 80% in the hands of the Chinese and Lebanese. He adds that in these mining companies, no Congolese authority, starting by Felix Tshisekedi, does not know what’s going on; They are territories under foreign control. He gives the example of an American firm in Walikale and the Kamituga gold mine exploited by the Chinese. How can we imagine that in such situations, can there be order? The watchword becomes: maintain the chaos on this territory. And King Philippe of Belgium, to make fun of this country, did not hesitate, during his visit, to say that his country will strengthen military cooperation with the DRC. To do what? Continue the work of his father who had taken this country as his garden where he extracted everything that built Belgium. Reacting on the situation in combat areas with the M23, King Philippe will only say the DRC is entitled to defend and safeguard the integrity of its territory.
It is not by associating with the various disorganized armed groups, like its army, and especially with the genocidal groups like FDLR (which is known by the Nu as a group having committed the genocide of the Tutsis in Rwnada in 1994 and which continues to propagate the ideology of genocide of the Tutsis), the imbonerakure of the CNDDFDD of Burundi (who kill Tutsis and opponents of the CNL every day), that President Tshisekedi will win the war against the M23 that he has illegally qualified as a terrorist while this group has clear political demands. It is also the opinion of President Yoweri Museveni who said before the Parliament in recent days that it would be wrong to say that any armed group is a terrorist. Death on the front of Major Innocent Nsanzimana alias Yefuta, June 6, 2022, is a fact speaking of this FARDC-FDLR alliance and other armed groups.
This association of FARDC with various, non -coordinated militias, clearly show the weakness of this army. And as a scapegoat, the Congolese government accuses Rwanda of supporting the M23 only by the simple fact that this movement regularly inflicts huge losses on its many enemies which multiply noise as real empty barrels.
What is serious in all this is to see a strength of the United Nations, Monusco, instead of working for the search for a negotiated solution, is rather associated with this heterogeneous mass of disoriented combatants to fight the M23. On the front, the FDRL are highlighted, then May May and other groups, and in the last position come the FARDC and the forces of Monusco. This nude force also uses combat helicopters to support those who fight with the M23. In its press release of June 8, 2022, the Gen Bde Sylvain Ekenge, spokesperson for the governor, after having accused Rwanda of having deployed 500 elements of its special force dressed in black green in the vicinity of Tchanzu alongside the M23, justifies that this movement is a terrorist by accusing it of having shot the peacekeepers of Monusco. It is clear that if the Monusco is committed to combat alongside those who swore the total war in the M23, the latter is entitled to defend himself
What is even more serious is that the Congolese, military and civil authorities, continue to point the finger at Rwanda as an enemy; This causes a visceral hatred of those who say they are Congolese of origin towards the rwandophone Congolese. Implicitly, they encourage their people to attack all those who resemble Rwandans: that is to say at all Tutsi. This is the beginning of a real genocide of the Tutsis of the Great Lakes region of which Urnhitamwoneza has always spoken. This time, all the extremists in the region are mobilized, supported by Monusco (today this mission hides even in its positions of FDLR and May May harassed by the M23) to finish definitively with the Tutsis to establish a Hutu powerful land. This will also allow them to escape international justice for the crimes they have committed, both in Rwanda and Burundi and in the east of the DRC. This time, the United Nations will not say tomorrow that they did not know that there was preparing for genocide as in Rwanda; Today, they are participating in its preparation via his Monusco. A good hearing hi!

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