Report of the visit of Pope Francis in a country where the authorities encourage his people to the genocide of the Tutsis

Report of the visit of Pope Francis in a country where the authorities encourage his people to the genocide of the Tutsis
This country we are talking about is the Democratic Republic of Congo, DRC. Pope Francis had scheduled his visit to this country just at the beginning of July 2022. Dated June 10, 2022, the Pope Francis Communication Service announced that, at the request of his doctors, the Pope postponed his visit in Africa. He should visit the DRC and Sudan. The Holy Father has problems with his right knee and barely walks. We saw it on the images of various televisions. This is the reason for the Sine Die postponement of his visit.
But, was it really the right time to visit the DRC?
If it is true that the Pope is never afraid to visit countries in difficulty, the important thing is only to ensure his safety; It is also preferable that he visits countries where there is the minimum of love between the different components of the population. At the moment when, on this day of the celebration of the Holy Trinity, the Catholic Church that it represents, teaches communion, unity, cohesion and love between peoples like the God Father, Son and Holy Spirit form a single God; What is happening in the DRC is not likely to attract the Pope.
It was already noticed in this country, before the postponement of this visit, a certain inconsistency in official speeches. The ecclesiastical authorities were talking about the good preparation of the Pope’s visit; Material preparation, but also preparation of the spirits of the Catholic faithful. On the other hand, the political, military and police authorities, asked those whom they abusively call true Congolese, to take the machetes and kill any Congolese who resembles the Tutsis, assimilating them to the M23 fighters and by ricochet to the Rwandans. Remember the speech of the general commissioner of the National Police of North Kivu, the deputy divisional commissioner Aba Van Ang on May 25, 2022 when he called the population of Goma to take the machetes and defend the city so that it does not fall to hands of the M23. Which is very serious. A real call to the genocide of the Tutsis of the region because we find in this city and its surroundings of the Congolese Tutsis of Rwandan expression, Rwandan and Burundian Tutsis who are there for various reasons.
By unjustly accusing Rwanda of supporting the M23, and having declared total war on this movement, the Congolese authorities are digging the tomb to all those who can be assimilated to the Rwandans.
In addition, it is incomprehensible that the FARDC join forces with the FDLR and other armed groups which have always sowed desolation within its population, and particularly the FDLR which are known to the whole world to have committed The genocide of the Rwandan Tutsis in 1994. It is still very surprising to see a United Nations force, Monusco, instead of being neutral and trying to find a peaceful solution to the conflict between M23 and the Congolese government, squarely on the same side as the FDLR and supports them with fighting helicopters to try to neutralize the M23. Recall that this movement had signed agreements with the Congolese government in 2013 consisting in integrating some into security forces and demobilizing others; A right of all Congolese who has taken up arms for clear demands.
We are entitled to think that there are powers that push this government to deviate completely from the simple logic which would help it find a solution to such a simple problem between Congolese and which encourage it to put pressure on Rwanda by accusing it of all evils and provoking it by sporadic attacks, so that it reacts to blow; Which would poison the situation. Some of these powers have failed, alongside these same FDLRs and the government of Havyarimana, to exterminate all the Tutsis as they had planned and would today seek another pretext to be able to settle this case definitively by causing a regional genocide. It is for this reason that the FDLR and other armed groups of the same ideology are put forward on the front, in front of the regular forces of the DRC. And no one is aware that these same FDLRs are welcome to Burundi under the power of the CNDDFDD and that they benefit from this power of multifaceted support in their project to disturb Rwanda. The fact that Burundi joins the Congolese government in its fight with the M23 is only evidence. It is without any doubt one of the important points that President Tshisekedi discussed with Evariste Ndayishimiye during his visit to Burundi dated May 21, 2022. At the moment he danced Ndombolo with NDayishimiye in Burundi, the war between FARDC (which he is Supreme commander ) and the M23 redoubled in intensity; And it was during this moment that bombs were launched, from the DRC, on the Musanze region in Rwanda (May 23, 2022). Which is not a simple coincidence.
Now everything is put in place to impose war on the M23 and Rwanda so that the Hutu extremists end up with everything that is called Tutsi in this sub-region. The Tutsis of East of DRC will be concerned, with all the Banyamulenge, the Tutsis of Burundi and those of Rwanda. CNDDFDD power also plans to fully settle the case with CNL members who seem to hinder it with its intention to reign over Burundi.
Faced with all the above, URN Hitamwoneza only concludes that the moment was not appropriate for Pope Francis to come to visit the DRC in a climate of political hypocrisy and preparing for regional genocide. Whoever hates his brother is a murderer; And you know that no murderer does not have eternal life. 1 John 3: 15. We will continue to pray the Almighty so that the health of the Pope improves and that he recovers as quickly as possible. Let us also pray that the God of truth, the God of love lifts us out of this genocide that of criminals without faith or law prepare for his people. Psalms 34: 7 tells us: « The angel of the Lord plays around those who fear him, and he tears them away from danger ».

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