Burundi: Don’t the Tutsis have the right to live in the region of the Great Lakes like all other citizens?

Burundi: Don’t the Tutsis have the right to live in the region of the Great Lakes like all other citizens?
URN Hitamwoneza which has, in its missions, the fight against the ideology of genocide and the genocides in Burundi and in the region of the Great Lakes, is entitled to ask such a question and to ask anyone who would have an appropriate answer because this which is being made in the DRC exceeds the limits of the acceptable.
Indeed, since the resumption of fights between the M23, (a movement which has clear claims and which had already signed agreements with the Congolese government, the latter having refused to implement them) and the FARDC (armed forces of the DRC), the fire nourished by this movement surprised the Congolese, military and political authorities, who started directly to accuse Rwanda for free. In a clumsy way, the power of Kinshasa declared the M23 terrorist group (that is to say group with whom we must no longer negotiate, but a group to crush by military force until the last); At the same time, he seriously tainted his relations with his neighbour, Rwanda. This climate of mistrust has even arrived within the population, sometimes relayed by the speeches of hatred of parliamentarians and administrators at all levels (provincial and national level)
With the capture of the city of Bunagana by the M23 and the flight of the Congolese soldiers who defended it to the neighbouring Uganda on June 13, 2022, the tensions were mounted; From regional government to central power, everyone continued to accuse Rwanda without evidence of having sent its troops to invade their territory. They could in no way imagine how this movement could hunt, so quickly, the Congolese soldiers, with their imposing workforce and their heavy armament. But that seems surprising because the Congolese government should be the first to know that it is neither the workforce nor the material that wage war, they already have the experience. What motivates people to fight is above all and above all the cause to defend. We will come back to it.
The taking of Bunagana also pushed certain Congolese extremists to also accuse Uganda, which however had military agreements with the DRC, of having betrayed it (always without any evidence). We imagine that the Congolese thought that Ugandan soldiers were going to help the FARDC defend Bunagana. Surely that was not included in the agreements they signed, which is why they did not do so. At least the Uganda gave them refuge, as it welcomed civilians who fled the fighting.
Speaking of Uganda and Rwanda, some Congolese false politicians, feed opinion, both Congolese and international, false ideas, making people believe that they are Tutsis who seek to invade their territory; You have to get up to fight them with their last energy. It is for this simple reason that Congolese soldiers of tutsi origin have been mistreated, others would have even been dismissed from this army accused of being accomplices of Rwanda; The civilian population began hunting for all Congolese, or simply any human that looks like Tutsis, accusing it of being Rwandan. The question to ask is whether the Tutsis have no place in the DRC? Where will these Congolese Banyamuleges go? What will be the place of all these Congolese authorities of Tutsi origin? Hutus extremist racists do not hide their intention to drive them all towards Rwanda as if the DRC is not the land of their ancestors.
By killing the Burundian Tutsis in 1993, the Hutu extremists of Frodebu (Front for Democracy in Burundi, a party who was in power) threw their corpses in the rivers saying that they send them to their homes in Egypt via the Nile; By killing the Rwandan Tutsis in 1994, the FDLR and the Havyarimana power threw their corpses in Nyabarongo and other rivers using the same slogan. Today, the same ideology of genocide is conveyed by the FDLR in the DRC and having their staff in Burundi and other positions in Kibira, border with Rwanda. These FDLRs are put in the first line in front of the FARDC and other armed groups to fight the M23. This is why, three times in a row, bombs have been launched in the Musanze sector in Rwanda from the DRC; A way of provoking this country so that he too enters the open war with the neighbouring country, the DRC. What is very surprising is to see a United Nations mission, Monusco, support such operations. The Rwandan government has always been characterized by incomprehensible behaviour of deduction, preferring to favour, at first, the diplomatic path, even if the other party continues to highlight the confrontation.
The demonstrations of the population of Goma observed on June 15, 2022 on the border between Rwanda and the DRC, have shown how the Congolese are being instrumentalized by Congolese politicians, without faith or law; themselves manipulated by certain Western powers, to set fire to this sub-region for interest well known to all. During these demonstrations, Rwandan flags were descended, Congolese stores of Congolese Tutsis were ransacked, insults towards the Rwandans and their president were launched etc … and it is said that these are peaceful demonstrations at the time Where the images have shown whole crowds wanting to force the barrier to enter Rwanda. To do what? It’s up to them to answer.
Generally, violence calls for violence. The Old Testament spoke of « eye by eye »; In the new one, we are told to extend the left cheek to the one who slaps us on the right cheek ’’; Which is not easy to implement.
If today the power of Paul Kagame is still able to close his eyes in front of such attacks and rather seeks a peaceful solution; This attitude can change tomorrow if the other party continues to strengthen the pressure on him. If the M23 conquered Bunagana and has remained on the positions won over to ask for once again to the power of Felix Tshisekedi, nothing prevents him from conquering other cities and localities if he continues to plug the ears and the always consider as a terrorist group. If the Tutsis Banyamulenge and all the other Congolese Tutsis are beaten up, humiliate unfairly, this patience behaviour could change tomorrow, because too much is too much.
URN Hitamwoneza once again recalls that he has always warned the international community of a large-scale genocide in preparation in the sub-region of the Great Lakes. Instead of taking measures which are necessary, the United Nations will activate this genocide by its mission, the Monusco. That the United Nations Secretary General is ready to assume their full responsibility. At the EAC (Eastern States Community countries), Kenyan President advocates soldiers from the EAC countries to Ituri, North and South Kivu. Why do Mr. President there? The workforce of the FARDC and the Monusco which are deployed there are sufficient, they have done nothing until today, rather the situation has grown. Do you want to send your men to be humiliated, too? Good luck. To all souls in good faith, we say that it is high time that this ideology of genocide stops in the region of the Great Lakes. It is necessary to act as one man and firmly so that all the genocidaires of the sub-region are put in their right place.

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