Burundi: CNDD FDD sells all food products to WFP and leaves the Burundian population in famine.

Burundi: CNDD FDD sells all food products to WFP and leaves the Burundian population in famine.
It’s unheard of in Burundi. The World Food Program, PAM, was long known as an international organization that helps people in famine by granting them food products allowing them to live while waiting for better days. Today, this organization has signed agreements with CNDDFDD power to buy all food products (especially cereals) in Burundi to deliver them, either to Burundi or elsewhere, you never know. If it is to buy them and give them to the Burundians, why first to remove them from this population which, today is in an absolute food need? If it is to transport them to other countries, it would be a disaster.
Who is behind this action? Do not look from noon to 2 p.m.; It is of course the CNDDFDD power. These leaders who never care about the interest of the Burundian population with which they are supposed to guide, direct, ensure their well-being; But who, on the contrary, highlight their personal interests. They initiated an organization called ANAGESSA (National Agency for Food Safety Stock Management; created in 2018), through which all these food products will have to go and then be sold at WFP. It is this organization that will buy these products at low prices within the population and resell them at WFP at a high price, so as to generate a remarkable interest which will be shared between these false CNDDFDD leaders . Some sources of information say that at least 6000 tonnes of corn seeds, 1,200 tonnes of rice and 800 tonnes of bean have already been collected during this month of 2022. With a majority of an illiterate agricultural population, when someone injects money into them, they prefer to sell everything, to the seeds; They don’t take much time to think about their next day. It is the leaders, their leaders, which should normally enlighten them. Unfortunately, they are unlucky enough to be led by women and men from the CNDDFDD without vision.
Behind this bait of money, you should know that the CNDDFDD has long initiated the pauperization system in the context of its strategies to maintain itself in power.
Indeed, this tyrannical regime has developed a phenomenon of continuous and progressive impoverishment that has aggravated poverty linked to the overwhelming reduction in economic activities and the precariousness of the living conditions of Burundians.
On the one hand, this phenomenon mainly affects the population which has been rushed in misery for a long time and on the other hand, it obviously leads to a considerable lowering of the absolute part of the national income which goes to employees, accompanied by a significant drop in standard of living and characterized by economic instability and unprecedented permanent debt.
A heart withered by poverty has no other feeling than that of misery said Antoine Léonard Thomas. This is how through this phenomenon, the CNDD-FDD wants to train and maintain the Burundians in the abyss in order to submit them to a miserable life.
Also, this Machiavellian strategy seriously compromising human dignity and moral status, aims to muzzle the press with a view to stifling any voice that would rise to condemn the oppression and the serious crimes committed by this
It is for this reason that no one dares to lift a finger to say no to this phenomenon. Neither the press nor civil society, even less the members of the opposition, no one dares to say a word.
It is also surprising to see WFP agree to sign such agreements knowing that they are undermining food health of the majority of the Burundian population.
URN Hitamwoneza launches a cry of alarm to all souls of good will, who still care about the well-being of the whole Burundian population without exclusion, to shout hard to have this phenomenon stopped. We ask Burundian farmers to stop selling their whole harvest; To think rather of the days to come because, tomorrow, even those who have money will not find where to buy these products that have become rare on the world market following the war in Ukraine. Please do not listen to these CNDDFDD leaders who are looking for their interests, make reservations for the future of your families
To all those who love Burundi, you are without ignoring that this country will never have peace and development as long as the CNDDFDD (who kills, who excludes, who divides people, who imprisons or requires human resources, which steal the little that the country has as financial resources) will still be in power; And therefore, all strategies are good for freeing this people.

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