Burundi: CNDDFDD power is actively preparing its Militia Imbonerakure to participate in the regional force decided in Nairobi.

Burundi: CNDDFDD power is actively preparing its Militia Imbonerakure to participate in the regional force decided in Nairobi.
A regional force which should be deployed in a few weeks (without specifying how much, according to the press release) was decided on June 20, 2022 in Nairobi, Kenya, during a conclave of the heads of states of the countries of the ‘East Africa (EAC). In cooperation with the military and administrative forces of the DRC, this force will be responsible for « seeking to stabilize and ensure peace in the DRC ». The press release adds that the regional force will « cooperate in the implementation of the disarmament and demobilization process ». Another interesting point of the press release is « the immediate ceasefire, the cessation of hostilities and the withdrawal of the recently taken positions » ordered by the EAC heads of states.
Without entering into detail, the press release is ambiguous; Perhaps the texts presented by the heads of the armies of the 7 countries (who met in Nairobi on June 19, 2022), give more precision on the operationalization of this famous future force.
However, many gay areas persist. President Tshisekedi has always fought the Rwandan troops in this force. This idea did not appear anywhere in the press release. Furthermore, why should Rwanda be excluded? By simple suspicions of supporting M23 by Rwanda that said by Tshisekedi and its FDLR and allies, without any valid and verifiable reasons? Who will finance this force under the command of Kenya? Should each country contributing troops make available to the central command the logistics necessary for its men? Is it the EAC that will take care of all the operating means of this force? Does she have sufficient means given that the contribution delays noticed within this organization? So many questions as anyone who would like to understand the terms of its implementation and its operationally may arise. The essential question undoubtedly remains the effectiveness of this new strength when you know that Monusco, the largest United Nations mission in the world that has been there for years, has rather negative results. The heterogeneity of the force, itself, already presages its ineffectiveness.
Burundi is finalizing the preparations for the Imbonerakure militia of the CNDDFDD so that its members are deployed, in military clothes of the National Defence Force of Burundi, in the DRC within this new EAC force. Reverien Ndikuriyo, secretary general of the CNDDFDD (SG CNDDFD) has toured the whole country, moralizing its troops, to prepare them for this new mission. These imbonerakure have just found work as promised by the SGCNDFDD; They will be numerous compared to the soldiers and police officers who will be sent to the DRC, all in the FDNB outfits. Imagine the heterogeneity of this Burundian contingent; Think about their ineffectiveness once mixed with other troops from other EAC countries.
Another force (FDNB and Imbonerakure), no less important, will be deployed in the Kibira and its surroundings, alongside the Rwandan FDLR and FLN, so that, when the time comes, it is able to directly support the FDLR/FLN which Attack Rwanda passing through Nyungwe forest.
In addition to this force which will be composed of the majority of members of the Militia Imbonerakure and which will be sent to the DRC where other elements are already deployed; In addition to this second force to deploy on the Kibira, the CNDDFDD power also finalizes the implementation and operationalization of the new reserve and development support force, FRAD in acronym. This will quickly be sent on land inside the country to execute the criminal missions formerly made by zealous police and military from the CNDDFDD and the Militia Imbonerakure. Note that FRAD is a new force, 100% CNDDFDD, completely subject to this presidential party and which will execute all the missions, legal or illegal, without any objection. It will be close to the population and will also take care of silencing (permanently) all those who dare to say the opposite of what the CNDDFD wants.
Let’s go back to the ineffectiveness of the new regional force to deploy in the DRC. In any case, it will not fight and defeat the M23 because the FARDC are numerous, and heavily equipped, associated with FDLR and many other armed groups, supported by the means of Monusco (combat helicopters); However, they all failed mild. Today, a strength of the United Nations, like Monusco, which always says it is there for the protection of the civilian population, observes powerlessly or with an accomplice eye, the genocide of the Congolese Tutsis and the Rwandans living in the DRC. Tutsis have been killed and burned alive, others were killed by machetes and stones in view of the DRC’s police. It remains to be seen whether the speeches of hatred, of incitement to the genocide of the Tutsis recently propagated by political, military and religious authorities in the DRC will cease as recommended by the conclave of Nairobi of June 20, 2022. Otherwise, the force of the EAC, if it manages to be deployed, will not be able to stop this kind of disorder that has long characterized the powers of the DRC. This is one more force that will not solve the problems of this country. On the contrary, URN Hitamwoneza is convinced that it will worsen the situation, that it will put oil on the fire, and that it will rather trigger a regional genocide as we have always said. We once again ask that souls in good faith stand out and take the front to stop this descent to regional hell.

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