Burundi: What would the CNDDFDD power do of the FLN corpses and wounded picked up in Cibitoke ?

Burundi: What would the CNDDFDD power do of the FLN corpses and wounded picked up in Cibitoke ?
Various sources in the commune of Mabayi in the province Cibitoke spoke of intense fighting took place between June 18 and 20, 2022 on the hills of Rutoro and Gafumbegeti in the Butahana area of the commune of Mabayi in the province of Cibitoke (North- west of the country). These clashes left ten dead and eight injured on the side of the rebels. The population of these localities affirms that these rebels we are talking about are people who spoke Kinyarwanda and who are regular in this area. They would then be FLN elements which had just stretched an ambush on a transport bus in Rwanda on the road leading to Rusizi in Kitabi, Nyamagabe sector. A press release from the Rwandan police of June 18, 2022 spoke of 2 dead, including the bus driver and 6 injured.
After this FLN package, the Rwandan defence forces would have pursued them and they would have been affected by bullets at the exit of the Kibira, drawn by elements of RDF keeping the border. The corpses found themselves on the Burundi side with the wounded who were withdrawn from Burundi from where they had come.
According to SOS Médias Burundi who wrote the information, a Burundian military source said that the bodies were recovered a few steps from the Rwandan border on Sunday evening (June 19, 2022). And the same source to add: « It is very likely that these rebels were killed by elements of the Rwandan army that keep the border. »
The population interviewed by SOS Médias has said that these rebels speaking Kinyarwanda have been based for several years in the Kibira nature reserve, on the Burundi side, in the municipalities of Mabayi and Bukinanyana, in the province of Cibitoke. ‘’ They tend to make forays in Rwanda, without success. They never manage to enter Rwanda and are stopped by better armed and equipped soldiers each time. What is shocking, these rebels operate raids and commit murders on us in Burundi ’’
The administrator of Mabayi, Diomède Ndahabonyimana, asks the population to redouble vigilance and to denounce any suspicious movement of these rebels. He warns anyone who would collaborate with them. Some employees of the FLN elements have been apprehended in the past. Yet other sources say that these rebels are supported by CNDDFDD leaders at the highest level; This is why they are still announced fights against them to hunt them from Burundian soil, but they are still there, apparently without any worries.
The same sources indicate that the corpses and the wounded of these FLNs would be directly transported to Bujumbura.
The question that some could ask is what the CNDDFDD power will make of these corpses. Yes, the wounded will be treated because the CNDDFDD power has signed mutual aid conventions with these FDLR /FLN. Can we allow ourselves to think that they will bury FLN corpses with dignity? This is very possible if it appears in their conventions. Very weird! But, it is not surprising for the CNDDFDD power. Another alternative is to transport them to the DRC. The Burundian and Imbonerakure soldiers perform round trips there every day.
Dear compatriots, imagine how many hundreds of Burundian corpses who have so far been picked up in this province of Cibitoke and which the administration has directly buried on the spot in a hurry without any identification. If it is true that they are killed by the death squads of the CNDDFDD power, it is also bizarre to hear that Rwandan genocidaires were buried with dignity by the CNDDFDD power in Bujumbura. If it would be true, what would you say about this power? It is up to everyone to answer.
URN Hitamwoneza believes that maintaining Rwandan genocidaires on Burundian territory and continuing to maintain them is not differ in keeping fire in his clothes because he ends up burning them. Some CNDDFDD leaders, without vision, are today benefiting from the return of minerals in the DRC that they share with the FDLR/FLN; Let them know that it will not last long and that it will end badly, very badly. All the Burundian people, without exclusion, will have to learn a good lesson and do everything to free our country under the yoke of certain CNDDFDD criminals.

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