Burundi: After 60 years of independence, where are we?

Burundi: After 60 years of independence, where are we?
We recognize our independence out of respect for the sacrifice of Prince Louis Rwagasore; But it is necessary to say, given the situation of poverty, insecurity and fear for our next day, that the Burundians have not yet acquired our true independence. Prince Louis Rwagasore said it so well in his speech on September 19, 1961 in the aftermath of the victory of his Uprona party in the legislative elections of September 18, 1961. He said:  » At this hour of the party’s victory, even mine, I am not greyed out by success, because for me and my friends, the real victory will only be reached after the accomplishment of a difficult but exhilarating task; A peaceful, happy and prosperous Burundi.
Are we at this stage to speak of a real independence from Burundi? It is up to everyone to make an answer that is suitable, an exact and sincere answer, without veiling their face.
When President Evariste Ndayishimiye, in his circumstance speech, appreciates the stage taken after 60 years of independence, there is reason to imagine what kind of evolution he is talking about, and what is his reference. If he could at least have a retrospective look and realize that since the CNDDFDD system has been in power in 2005, the country has only made steps back. And since he was in business in 2020, what evolution has he capable of showing the Burundians? In which domain? His assessment is only limited to public lamentations and his speeches of good intentions.
The report of the Burundi, ISTEEBU, report of statistics and economic studies, indicates that almost more than half of the Burundian population lives below the poverty line. Its general manager, Nicolas Ndayishimiye, estimates that individual monetary poverty is 51.4%. And to add that the poverty index is 47.4% in household level and 55.7% in the individuals in rural areas. And all reports from the World Bank (BM), from the International Monetary Fund (IMF), show every day that Burundi is the poorest country on the planet. Will CNDDFDD power be one day the courage to explain to the Burundians and the international community why? But everyone knows the answer. And the one who is not able to suffice economically cannot say that he is really independent. Which is almost a translation of a Rundi ‘’ uwutigaburira ntiyigaba ’’.
In view of the above, our real independence is still far away, very far.
Because what keeps us in this situation of extreme poverty is the CNDDFDD system; It’s his bad governance. Otherwise, Burundi is rich, the Burundians are workers and intelligent. However, sons and daughters of the country with important intellectual capacities, extraordinary know-how, are often excluded from the management of state affairs, only because they are not members of the CNDDFDD. Their projects are intentionally ruined by zealous of the system by asking them for colossal sums for the party and for its leaders. This is why even foreign investors are afraid of coming to Burundi. And when President Evariste Ndayishimiye asks, in his speech of July 1, 2022, to foreign countries to chase Burundian brains from their countries, he only ridicule himself. The others know the value of human resources.
By celebrating the 60 anniversary of the independence of Burundi, Evariste Ndayishimye, if he was a true patriot, should be inspired by what has just happened in the DRC, and ask the representative of Belgium who was present this 01 July 2022, to tell his country that the Burundians need official forgiveness from Belgium which is responsible for the death of our hero of independence. Belgium had assassinated Louis Rwagasore as it had murdered Patrice Lumbumba. Belgium sowed ethnic divisions in Burundi in particular and in the sub-region in general; What is the basis of the genocides of the Tutsis and other inter -ethnic massacres that have made millions of victims until today, even if Evariste Ndayishimiye tries to veil the face by saying that unity and social cohesion have become a reality in Burundi. He knows himself he is lying. The Belgian settlers, who had greatly fought the independence of Burundi, gave way of the country’s management to nationals, but left without giving and resuming. The Burundians need all the documents and objects they have taken away, without ignoring the delivery to their initial places of the limits of our country. We know that the CNDDFD does not like to hear about the true borders of our country because a large part of Burundian territory being in Tanzania (the Bugufi and Buha); A country that does everything to help this system keep itself in power to the detriment of the general interest of Burundians.
URN Hitamwoneza believes that the Burundians will acquire real independence when the country will regain its former borders; When the ideology of genocide is completely eradicated and when all the culprits of acts of genocide and other crimes will be judged and punished; In short, when all Burundians, without exception, will find peace, security and development. And it is not possible as long as the CNDDFDD system will be at the head of Burundi. It is up to everyone to do their best to get rid of it. The sooner the better.

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