Burundi: 60th anniversary of the independence of Burundi: The president Evariste Ndayishimiye decorated a renowned criminal

Burundi: 60th anniversary of the independence of Burundi: The president Evariste Ndayishimiye decorated a renowned criminal
His name is General Ignace Sibomana, former military intelligence officer (G2/A) within the General Staff (EMG) of the Burundi National Defence Force (FDNB). He is now in charge of the FDNB logistics staff.
It was not because he had deserved in the first post that the chiefs made the decision to entrust him with another function; It was simply a way of sheltering him with the eyes of human rights organizations that shouted every day to stop at the abuses for which he was responsible.
In collaboration with Lieutenant General Habimana Jean Paul, SSO372, alias Bishinga, (he has just been promoted to this rank this July 1, 2022), current deputy army chief of Staff; They have killed hundreds of Tutsis ex-FAB and Hutus ex-FNL, accusing them of collaborating with non-existent rebel groups. It is General Bishinga, supposed to be Tutsi, who was responsible for identifying them and revealing them to General Sibomana for their immediate execution or after submitting them under excruciating tortures. He had even initiated a dungeon that did not exist before in the General Staff. The others were first imprisoned in human ways in the military police before killing them. Note to close this register that even young civilians were regularly arrested by their men and their families did not even have the right to request their destination at the risk of undergoing the same fate. They were downright killed and thrown into the rivers.
This is the man that President Evariste Ndayishimiye has just decorated with a medal of the order of patriotic merit, class of commander, with an envelope of a million Burundian francs, the 1st July 2022. He was thanked for having built an Office with the balance on his intelligence budget when he was still G2/A; For having managed the fuel well as soon as it was in charge of the logistics staff; For having initiated pork breeding at the Nyanza Lac camp, cows farming in Mutukura and sheep in Bugarama, the culture of coffee in the army. According to Evariste Ndayishimiye, this officer even had initiated the fabrication of guns using bombs and truck engines. Could we hope that Burundi will have a real firearm factory soon? It is without any doubt the attractive (without concrete actions) speeches by President Ndayishimiye that we are used to hearing.
Note for all useful purposes that it is surprising to see that no civilian was decorated by President Ndayishimiye this July 1, 2022 (at least what we saw at the stadium). We have only seen a lot of police officers and less the soldiers, as well as foreigners. Can we say that they were not presented to the public? Or did they all have badly made? Everyone has to ask the question and find an answer
Our source of information within the defence and security corps considers that the multiplication of decorations within the army and the police would be a manoeuvre of the CNDDFDD power to hide a bad climate, a frustration that reigns within these bodies. They say they lead a miserable life when their chiefs, in mind General Prime Niyongabo (Chef EMG) only get enriched every day, no longer concern about men under their responsibility. This extreme poverty also affects their families and the Burundian people in general, when a click of leaders of the CNDDFDD, soldiers, police and civilians, lead a king’s life. Evariste Ndayishmiye fears a coup in the coming days. Everyone will have understood, in their speech at the stadium this July 1, 2022, which he insisted that the Burundians have already understood that power no longer goes through coups, but now comes from the people. It’s not free.
URN Hitamwoneza is convinced that replacing Evariste Ndayishimiye by Allain Guillaume Bunyoni, Prime Niyongabo, Gelase Ndabirabe or Reverian Ndikuriyo is not a solution to the misfortunes of the Burundians. A lasting solution would go through completely destroying this CNDDFDD system and translating the generals like Ignace Sibomana and Jean Paul Habimana and all the criminals who have blood of the Burundians on their hands and those responsible for economic crimes as well as their accomplices. True patriots are numerous in Burundi, they will be able to take over and lead the Burundian people, all together, without exclusion, to peace and long desired development.

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