Burundi: Celebration of 60 years of Burundi independence on a balance sheet of 1427 Burundian killed during Evariste Ndayishimiye power.

Burundi: Celebration of 60 years of Burundi independence on a balance sheet of 1427 Burundian killed during Evariste Ndayishimiye power.
It’s not URN Hitamwoneza who says it; We are only quoting the Iteka League report which takes stock of two years of power by President Evariste Ndayishimiye on the security plan and respect for human rights. The drawing made by this human rights organization shows President Evariste Ndayishimiye behind the wheel of a vehicle whose tires are made up of impunity, with a government and the exclusion that surrounds the driver inside cabin.
In terms of figures, the Iteka League report shows 1427 people killed, only in two years of the power of President Ndayishimiye. Among these, 587 corpses were found here and there in the country including 241 corpses found in the province of Cibitoke alone. The report adds that 1362 people were arbitrarily arrested; 151 people were tortured; 116 people were removed or missing; 241 cases of sexual and gender -based violence, recorded.
The ACAT Burundi report in June 2022 shows 11 people killed, 27 arbitrary arrests, 10 tortured people and only one missing person. These are some police officers, certain SNR agents and especially the young Imbonerakure of the CNDDFDD who are responsible for these serious human rights violations, the report specifies.
When President Ndayishimiye speaks, in his various speeches, of security and a peace found in Burundi, there is reason to ask what kind of peace he is talking about. Not all these people killed had no value in his eyes? Yes, a power characterized by the exclusion and persecution of all those who are not members of his party only rejoices in the dead. And the president is still present in the churches, pretending to be a fervent Christian who cares about the well-being of the Burundian population. The reports of human rights organizations show us the opposite. Let Ndayishimiye know that he will answer in front of God for thousands of Burundians killed by the death squads of the CNDDFDD which remain unpunished. « Don’t be mistaken, we don’t laugh at God. What a man will have sown, he will also harvest it ’’: Galatians 6: 7
President Evariste Ndayishimiye is preparing the worst for the Burundian people. Not only that the peace and tranquillity of the Burundians will soon be disturbed, the entire sub-region is in danger. To all those who can reach President Ndayishimiye to ask him why he has massaged troops on the border with Rwanda in recent days. It is completely normal and logical that the soldiers defend the integrity of the territory; But the strengthening of the forces on this border would mean, either that there is a threat on Burundi on this side, or that it is Burundi who is preparing an attack on Rwanda
The resumption of fighting between M23 and FARDC (DRC soldiers) unveiled the FARDC collaboration with Rwandan FDRL genocidaires and other allied groups. This coalition is an opportunity for FDLR/FLN which find facilities to cross the border between the DRC and Burundi to go to the Kibira (Burundian side) and launch, from Burundian soil, attacks on neighbouring Rwanda. These reinforcements sent by President Ndayishimiye and his CNDDFDD system would support these Rwandan criminals or serve them as a collection elements during their withdrawal in the event of a defeat after attack. Indeed, after the fierce resistance of the ARC/M23 (Congolese revolutionary army) in the face of the attacks of the FARDC, FDLR, May May and other allied groups, supported by Monusco; The new tactic would be to go through Burundi to destabilize Rwanda, accused by Kinshasha of supporting the M23. If this strategy is really adopted, it risks putting powder in fire and provoking a war that will ignite the region. It is often said that we know how a war begins, but that we don’t know how it ends. And René Bellaiche adds « we start when we want, we finish when we can ».

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