Burundi: Boris Johnson resigned. When will the President Evariste Ndayishimiye do so?

Burundi: Boris Johnson resigned. When will the President Evariste Ndayishimiye do so?
Three years at the post of Prime Minister, Boris Johnson announced his resignation during a speech pronounced in the early afternoon, on July 7, 2022. He had long resisted the incessant requests of his resignation following multiple scandals (Tsunami of scandals), but the resignation of almost half of the members of his government including those of finance and health, forced him to do so. He is mainly accused of lies and violations of the law.
The latest accusation concerns the promotion of a conservative deputy made by Boris Jonhson when he knew he was accused, on several occasions of sexual assault. The worst of the sins was that he had first declared that he did not know anything about this file, and recently ended up accepting it. The British do not need a « liar leader »
On November 30, 2021, the Daily Mirror reveals that at least a party took place at Johnson at the Christmas 2020 period, when the rest of the country was confined and the British could barely see their loved ones for the holidays year. Over the weeks, the British media will discover that there have been more than fifteen holidays in different ministries, including a party for Boris Johnson’s birthday in June 2020. Which gives the image of a government that felt above the laws.
Let’s go back to Burundi to see if it is possible for Evariste Ndayishimiye or any other leader of the CNDDFDD in the power to resign if there are scandals of the genre. The answer is already negative because Evariste Ndayishimiye would have spent very little time in power.
The first scandal that will remain in the memory of the Burundians is that of August 23, 2020. During the closure of a prayer crusade in Ngozi, President Evariste Ndayishimiye gave two weeks for the authorities to prepare to declare their property. It was not long in making a reversal at 180 degrees by making heard, at a public conference at the end of 2020, that it would be impossible to declare all the property of the authorities; That it would take a long time, that someone’s property is a personal secret. However, it is a requirement for the Constitution of the Republic of Burundi. He lied to the people, and moreover, he violated the Constitution, the mother law.
We cannot cite all the lies, all the contradictions, all the fanciful statements of President Ndayishimiye. Think of publicly dismissed state officials on accusations of corruption, incompetence and which were promoted a few months later; Remember the case of 54 billion intended for the construction of the Mpanda dam; The diplomatic scandal consisting in accusing neighbouring Rwanda of being a hypocritical country (then a few days later he said that he did not say it: yet he forgets that the sound elements of everything he said will remain eternally preserved); So his false, poorly placed, contradictory statements, declarations of intention not never followed by acts, many Burundians are starting to get used to this kind of language. But he thinks he is most convincing and thinks everyone is silly. Even the most zealous CNDDFDD members are starting to be fed up. Unfortunately, they dare not tell him about it; Maybe they will act one day. Wait and see as the English say.
Faced with the resilience and resignation of the Burundians before this serious situation, we consider it good to remind them of this beautiful quote from Norbert Zongo who said that the lie kills.
According to him, « there is a true lie: when a man applauds without understanding; When a man closes his eyes to ignore the truth; When an intellectual swaps his conscience and his soul for material goods; When for fear of death or simply certain disadvantages, a man smiles at the criminal, the tyrant and the thief; When a people refuses to fight, to take responsibility among the others; And when a leader acts as if he had invented his country, when he ruses with the laws. This lie kills men and nations. ’’ ’
This truth of Norbert Zongo murdered on Dec. 13. 1998 fits perfectly with the reality that the Burundians experiences today. How much is the eyes before a truth that dabs your eyes for passenger material advantages? How much do the insane speeches of tyrants, criminals, thieves who direct the country today applaud every day? The CNDDFDD system keeps saying that it will never release power as if Burundi has become its private plot; And Reveien Ndikuriyo, drunk with this power, dares to declare that the CNDDFDD is confused in Burundi. He, like Evarsite Ndayishimiye and the other CNDDFDD leaders never and will never be ashamed of what comes out of their mouths; This is why to think of what they present their resignation one day as Boris Johnson is a real dream.
URN Hitamwoneza believes that too much is too much; that it is high time for the Burundians to open their eyes and see that this lie kills the men slowly, but also the Burundian nation; And that they agree to sacrifice themselves by each giving their contribution to save what remains to be saved in Burundi. The CNDDFDD system has destroyed everything that only its fall remains the only remedy for the rebirth of the Burundian nation.

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