Burundi: What lesson should the Burundians get from the bravery of Sri Lankan citizens?

Burundi: What lesson should the Burundians get from the bravery of Sri Lankan citizens?
It was Sunday July 10, 2022. President Sri Lankais, Gotabaya Rajapaksa finally agreed to resign on July 13, 2022, after being forced to flee his palace invaded by a crowd of protests protesting against the economic crisis, considered catastrophic, hitting the country. The president was evacuated aboard a military ship on the road to the naval base of Trincomalee in the northeast of the island. The demonstrators said that they would not leave before the president’s effective resignation. They resisted the deterrents of the soldiers who kept the presidential residence; This has been 105 injured hospitalized since July 9, 2022; Only 55 were still admitted to Colombo National Hospital on July 10, 2022.
The cause of this generalized dissatisfaction is none other than the deterioration of economic conditions, « in particular the shortages of electricity, food and fuel ». The crisis, unprecedented since the independence in 1948 of this island of 22 million inhabitants was aggravated, according to economists, by a series of bad political decisions of which the presidential clan in power since 2005 is accused by the population.
When we talk about 2005, the Burundians remember the dark year during which the CNDDFDD system occupied the presidential chair to dive the country into a socio-political and economic crisis which made Burundi the country poorer of the planet until today.
In 2015, the Burundians believed that it was possible to change this power, which had just violated the Constitution and the Arusha agreements, by demonstrations as the Sri Lankan has just done. Unfortunately, they encountered the CNDDFDD soldiers and police who did not fire to dissuade, but who « pulled to kill ». Hundreds of Burundians have been killed, including innocent children (think of young people that the criminal Adolphe Nshimirimana killed by his pistol, on his knees, arms in the air; and his name is hero according to CNDDFDD regime). The missed coup, the attack on certain military camps of May 2015, gave a golden opportunity to the CNDDFDD criminals to kill the maximum possible young Tutsis and Hutus opposed to this violation of the mother law, to such a brand may all Burundians live today in panic fear.
Is there any possibility today that the Burundians take their courage in both hands to get up as one man and put out of harm to harm the CNDDFDD system? In any case, these are not the lack of reasons; They are rather legion.
Indeed, the economic crisis that strikes Burundi today is no less catastrophic than that which has just pushed the Sri Lankans to act and drive out their president of power by peaceful demonstrations. This situation is the direct consequence of poor governance of the CNDDFDD system since 2005; A system that has always killed, which has practiced exclusion, a system which has imprisoned some of the country’s human resources and which forced others to exile, a system which systematically looted the riches of the country to enrich a Handle of its leaders at a time when almost half of the Burundian population barely finds what to eat per day as shown in the recent report of ISTEEBU (Burundi’s statistics and economic studies Institute).
As for bad decisions, it is the characteristic of CNDDFDD power. The most recent to date is called « Ndakurika decision »; That of prohibiting the circulation of bikes, motorcycles and tricycles in downtown Bujumbura, plunging into distress several families who lived income from this rolling stock.
Today, the Burundians are content with the statements of good intentions, by President Evariste Ndayishimiye and wait in vain concrete acts. However, the situation continues to deteriorate day by day.
URN Hitamwoneza knows very well that most Burundians think that the Sri Lankan model is no longer possible today in Burundi. The reason is simple: the fear which is anchored in the hearts of the Burundians following the cruelty with which the zealous of the CNDDFDD have repressed the demonstrations of 2015 and the selective killings which followed and which continue until today. However, we remain convinced that this economic crisis that is going through our country affects everyone, including these zealous CNDDFDDs who are daily handled and used as robots by a handful of leaders of this system that have become richer than the State. Once they open their eyes and realize this state of affairs, they will unite with others, and together, they will overcome fear, and they will block the CNDDFDD system. It will therefore be his fall. It is from this moment that Burundi and Burundians will find the hope of getting up.

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