Burundi: The extraction of gold in the kibira at the base of the clashes between FDNB and FDLR/FLN

Burundi: The extraction of gold in the kibira at the base of the clashes between FDNB and FDLR/FLN
The news was broadcast by many media which spoke of 4 corpses including 03 in the FARDC (Armed Forces of the DRC) uniforms discovered this Sunday, July 17, 2022 on the Gafumbegeti hill, in Ngara sector, Butahana zone of the MABAYI commune in the provinces Cibitoke. These corpses were said to have been seen by soldiers from the FDNB (National Defence Forces of Burundi) on patrol. Many Burundian soldiers were deployed from the past month on the Burundo-Rwandan border as if they were preparing for war.
Military sources on the spot have said that there was fierce fighting in the Kibira between the Burundian soldiers and the FDLR/FLN rebels who have erected positions there for a long time and which have started to extract gold there; This irritated the command of the FDNB and the power of the CNDDFDD. This is what prompted the Burundian army to attack these Rwandan rebels who are still trying to destabilize neighbouring Rwanda from their positions in Mukoma, Gafumbegeti and Rutorero in Burundi. The same sources give an assessment of a single Burundian soldier killed and several FDRL/FLN rebels during these fights which would have lasted 4 days.
Here, it is necessary to understand that gold has been the source of the conflict; Otherwise, these Rwandan rebels have never been worried since they have been in this Kibira forest, on the Burundian side. On the other hand, they received multifaceted support from the National Defence Force of Burundi and the Imbonerakure of the CNDDFDD. The administrator of Mabayi said that he will organize meetings with his population to prohibit them from collaborating with these Rwandan rebels who make regular shuttles between the Kibira and the eastern DRC without worries.
In the DRC, they joined the Congolese army and the rebels May May to fight the M23, supported by Monusco; The greatest strength of the United Nations that has been in this country for more than 20 years but whose results are not positive. They also declared themselves incapable of moving a square centimeter of the territory already won over by M23. He was right by President Yoweri Museveni who advised President Felix Tshisekedi to declare a cease fire with the M23 and rather engage in serious negotiations to find a solution in time. He said it to a delegation that the Congolese president had sent him to seek his support in this fight during which his men were unable to defeat every day; Rather backwards in front of the advance of the M23 fighters, leaving behind war material that weighs down the M23 arsenal. And it is ridiculous to hear Monusco declare that it cannot fight the M23 because he behaves like a regular army and which has modern war material. A way to support the unfounded accusations of Kinshasa power that keeps saying that it is Rwanda that supports this movement.
Will the new EAC force which will soon be put on the spot dislodge the M23 of its positions? Its mission, as entrusted with it by the meeting of the heads of state of these countries, would it be to fight all the armed groups in this part of the DRC? Imagine for a moment how the FARDC will attack the FDLR/FLN with whom they fought together against the M23. Imagine how the Burundian and Imbonerakure soldiers who will be part of this force will fight against the FDLR/FLN with whom they shared everything in the Kibira; But also in eastern DRC. Even if the force will be under Kenyan command, there is reason to doubt its effectiveness on the ground. On July 15, 2022, officers from certain EAC countries carried out a recognition mission in the DRC to realize the realities on the ground. Another summit of heads of state is planned in Arusha in Tanzania. To achieve what? Will they advise Tshisekedi to negotiate or implement the agreements already signed in 2014 with the M23? If he agrees to negotiate, what would the regional force which will soon be deployed? Will it fight the other armed groups including FDLR/FLN to stabilize the East of the DRC? No one needs order in the DRC. This regional force will undoubtedly be deployed, not to chase these armed groups from this territory, but rather to give these countries the chance to take a part of the Grand Cake of the DRC like the others.
In the face, Congolese Rwandan expression continue to die slowly, still accused of being Rwandan or just being Tutsis. The same manhunt is done in the Burundian refugee camps in the DRC (Mulombwe and Rusenda); This pushes most of them to return to Burundi despite the physical and food insecurity that persists there.
Urnhitamwoneza believes that it is time for the genocide of the Tutsis to end in the east of the DRC and especially in Burundi. A military force which will not attack the root of evil (the genocidal forces based in this part of the DRC and which are supported by powers which seek to exploit the Congolese subsoil) will not find adequate solution. It should be emphasized that as long as CNDDFDD power will continue to support Rwandan criminals of FDLR/FLN which make shuttles between the DRC and Burundi to destabilize Rwanda, it will be difficult to definitively settle the question of threat of Genocide of the Tutsis in this region.

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