Burundi: Burundi is today like a country which has been in war for almost 40 years; Consider witnesses on site

Burundi: Burundi is today like a country which has been in war for almost 40 years; Consider witnesses on site
The bitter observation comes from a lot of Burundian and foreign living in Burundi. They say they live a real hell: a country where there is no electricity, no easy communication, no drinking water, no fuel, no drugs, no meat, not enough to eat enough for low -income populations. The gross domestic product of Burundi in 2022 is $ 269 USA; which classifies Burundi in the last place of rich countries; This simply means that he is the poorest of the planet.
The witnesses interviewed on the spot do not hesitate to say that Burundi does not deserve last place; It is currently below zero because the situation is chaotic. These are the real terms used by those questioned. It looks like the country has just spent more than 40 years in war situation
The businessman Taluk Bachir who has a fuel delivery monopoly to Burundi is overwhelmed; He delivered a lot of quantities of fuel, but was not paid by the CNDDFDD power which lacks currency in a glaring way. Without fuel, there is no sufficient electricity, the power uses today in the load shedding system, people spend whole nights without electricity at home. Water is lacking in several districts of the economic capital Bujumbura, people run the risk of hygiene -related diseases. Without currencies, hospitals and pharmacies lack medication; People no longer know what saint to dedicate themselves to. As misfortune never comes alone, COVID 19 pandemic which has never been fought by the CNDDFDD as the other countries of the world have done so by vaccinating as much as possible, resurfaces with a formidable magnitude; which goes beyond the capacities of the ministry having health in its powers.
This situation is only the direct consequence of the country’s mismanagement of the CNDDFDD system. The military click in power only makes their pockets filling in markets only to the members of their party who receive the taxpayer’s money without even carrying out the project (the case of the Mpanda dam is speaking) and they remain unpunished because this Silver is generally shared with the same CNDDFDD leaders up to the highest level of the state. And Evariste Ndayishimiye will be content to condemn them publicly to show the opinion that his Goodman; Nameless hypocrisy. From the municipal administrator to the President of the Republic, each draws the coverage on his side in his sector in total impunity; And since the CNDDFDD has been in power in 2005. A watchword was officially given from the start: « that everyone takes money where he is « . A well -planned flight.
And it is not for tomorrow that this chaotic economic situation will change. According to our sources of information within the National Assembly, the bulk of the budget recently voted by this institution will not be allocated to the various planned activities; But will be allocated to war. The CNDDFDD power is preparing for a war that the big of Burundians completely ignores. The operationalization of the FRAD in itself cost a colossal sum of Burundian francs
But, remember that this budget was voted after the five-day visit to Burundi of Congolese President Felix Tshisekedi on May 21, 2022. As already mentioned in one of our publications, one of the unsaid of their interview was actually That Burundi is preparing to support the FARDC in the war they are leading with the M23. It is an additional support that he asked because Burundi already supports the FDLR/FLN who desperately try to destabilize neighbouring Rwanda from his territory and no one is aware that the FARDC (Felix Tshisekedi army) are allied to the FDRL in their fight with the M23 that the power of Kinshasa accuses of benefiting from the multifaceted aid of Rwanda. And it is not free that during this visit to the Burundi of the Congolese president, bombs were dropped from its territory in the Musanze region of Rwanda on May 23, 2022.
Today, the power Ndayishimiye is preparing to massively enter imbonerakure and soldiers in the DRC supposedly within the framework of the regional force which was requested by the head of state of the EAC with the pretext of supporting Tshisekedi in his war with the M23, but unofficially, the three main FARDC/FDLR/FDNB forces (and Imbonerakure) want to end with what they call Tutsis in the region.
It is within this framework that an element of recognition and contact with the FARDC and FDLR, led by the renowned criminal general of Brigade Ignace Sibomana (former military intelligence in the general staff of the FDNB and currently in charge of logistics). He is responsible for the execution of many soldiers ex Fab (former Burundian armed forces) and young Tutsis. He had even built a dungeon where he imprisoned them before killing them; Which earned him a decoration from Evariste Ndayishimiye on July 1, 2022. The second officer is not well known to the public, he has always been commander of the presidential guard who notably stood out in the assassination of many people who have opposed the 3rd illegal mandate of the former President Pierre Nkurunziza and particularly the massacres of young Tutsis in the Nyakabiga, Jabe, Musaga, Ngagara, Kinanira districts, after the attack on military camps on May 11, 2015. We are speaking to Brigadier General Dominique Nyamugaruka. He is well known by the FDRL (like Ignace Sibonmana elsewhere) for having collaborated with them in particular by integrating certain FDLR members into the Burundian presidential guard. The two are trusted men of President Evariste Ndayishimiye.
Will they succeed in their macabre project? It may be among them to dream. People will die certainly, but only God knows the rest.
URN Hitamwoneza believes that Burundians cannot hope that their economic situation changes positively when CNDDFDD power only thinks of genocide. The budget voted to appease their suffering will be used in a war that will only worsen this situation. The CNDDFDD leaders already see dollars they will have by exploiting, as the others do, the Congolese subsoil, without thinking of the unfortunate consequences on the life of Burundian families; including those of the members of their party. To all Burundians, it is then time, if not late, to get up like one man to say no to this military click in power who only seeks from their profit to the detriment of an entire people.

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