Burundi: It is the CNDDFDD system that kills; Affirm Denise Bucumi and Evariste Ndayishimiye.

Burundi: It is the CNDDFDD system that kills; Affirm Denise Bucumi and Evariste Ndayishimiye.
It is not at all new, it is more a more confirmation. The CNDDFDD system in power in Burundi has had a death squad since 2005; a group that eliminates any annoying element and this under the protection of the power. Denise Bucumi, the first lady at the time, said it so well during one of the prayers which were regularly organized by her husband, former President Pierre Nkurunziza and her CNDDFDD party. Denise Bucumi stated, on his knees, holding the country’s flag in hand, that the CNDDFDD power killed innocent and looted the wealth of the country and some have formed stocks, when the common Burundians died of hunger. Some leaders of the CNDDFD even took the little that the people had; said the former first lady who asked for forgiveness from the Lord for these crimes committed under the regime of her husband Pierre Nkurunziza. She also said in her revelations that she saw lists of the names of these criminals who often returned before her eyes. Would she have had the courage, as a pastor, to transmit to her husband this list of these people to verify if her revelations are realities or if they are only simple dreams in order to punish them if they turn out to be correct? We do not think it because we would have seen the effects. Perhaps even her husband appeared on these lists because he was among the great thirsty for the goods of this world. Unfortunately, he left too early and suddenly without enjoying everything he had been able to raise during the 15 years of power.
The second revelation, and the most important, comes this time from the President of the Republic, Evariste Ndayishimiye. During his interview with the representatives of the diaspora in Ngozi on July 27, 2022, he said that he knew that there is a group of criminals, including certain members of the security forces, who remove and kill people in Total impunity, benefiting from the complicity of many Burundians.
He said true; and everyone knew it. It only remained to identify the members of this group. As he said, even if he would have revealed it without knowing it (because his nickname is Kirogorogo: the one who speaks a lot), we are waiting for the rest. Will he have these people arrested and translate them into justice? Will he have them eliminated since they killed a lot of Burundians? Will he only stop at the level of these statements as he usually does? Wait and see, as the English say.
We do not anticipate, but we remain convinced that this group is 100% composed by members of the CNDDFDD. And it is coordinated at the highest level of the state. Why do we say so? His operating mode shows very well, either that it is stronger than the government, or that it is rather a state organ. Indeed, people abducted are sometimes transported by police, army or intelligence service vehicles. When these kidnapped people are killed, their corpses are thrown away from their origins. If a corpse is discovered, the administrators take care of having it buried as quickly as possible so that it is not identified. Here, a question arises: who others are able to coordinate such operations if it is only a more influential personality of the state or the ruling party?
We cannot think for a moment that President Evariste Ndayishimiye was unaware of all this. Either, the group is under its orders, or under the orders of another stronger personality than it, or under the orders of the CNDDFDD party in power. In case the truth is in one of the last two cases, Evariste Ndayishimiye is a figurative president; He would better resign. Otherwise, he is the first manager of all these crimes committed and he will respond one day.
Even if these actions of these death squads would not be coordinated by Evariste Ndayishimiye in person, he was at least aware of their existence and who are the planners and the performers. Go declare it in front of the members of the diaspora as if it is a new discovery, not to mention the concrete measures that have been taken to destroy this group and translate its members before the jurisdiction, simply shows that we have a liar president, manipulator . Woe to the liar because he will be precipitated in hell, the Bible tells us.
URN Hitamwoneza once again asks the Burundians, without any distinction, to dodge the manipulations of Evariste Ndayishimiye who wants to get dressed in the skin of the lamb while he is a real wolf. We listen to all his declarations, sometimes false, sometimes contradictory, sometimes revealing his personality and we record them and preserve them carefully. One day, they will serve us as irrefutable evidence the moment of truth, when he and his system cnddfdd will no longer be in power and will be before the competent courts. So let’s get up as a single man to precipitate their fall because tomorrow may be too late. Our country is the poorest of the planet today, the people lack everything. What are we waiting for to hunt these rats of the attics? The ball is in the camp of all Burundians who thirsts for change to get out of this earthly hell.

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