Burundi: Six members of the CNDDFDD Imbonerakure Militia fold luggage and go to look for the green grass elsewhere.

Burundi: Six members of the CNDDFDD Imbonerakure Militia fold luggage and go to look for the green grass elsewhere.
Unfortunately, they did not have the chance to get there; They have been arrested and find themselves today in prison. They were not alone in being sentenced in a flagrance lawsuit; Another member of the CNL is found in the same file. And he was appointed head of this group. However, they were arrested separately. According to Inzamba online radio, some were arrested at the border between Burundi and Rwanda, on the way to the DRC.
These people arrested and sentenced to 15 years in prison on August 7, 2022 are: Remegie Uwizeyimana (representative of the CNL party in the Busoni commune) who was appointed as chief of the group; Alexandre Nzokirantevye; Gilbert Nsengimana; Jean Bosco Ndikuriyo; Jean Pierre Muhizi; Elias Nkundabagenzi and Fabrice Ndayishimiye. The last six are all members of the Imbonerakure militia of CNDDFDD. How can a CNL member lead a group of CNDDFDD members in the same case? We will come back to it. Let’s talk about the facts first.
The 7 people, arrested differently, are found in a single group and were accused by the prosecutor in the province of Kirundo of wanting to cross the border to go to the DRC to participate in paramilitary training in rebel groups in order to disrupt the security of country. Before their departure, everyone would have received a sum of 300 thousand francs bu. Given by whom? Only the judicial and administrative authorities of Kirundo know. The prosecutor requested the sentence to the alleged guilty. After deliberation of the case, the judges of the high Court of Kirundo accused them of perturbation of country’s security and sentenced them to a sentence of 15 years in prison. These people denied all the facts and defended themselves by saying that they wanted to take out the country to seek employment elsewhere, following poverty that affects their families and all Burundians in general.
Analysis: How can a CNL member and those of the CNDDFDD Militia find themselves in the same file? By what miracle Uwizeyimana, member of the CNL, can he find himself at the head of a group of six imbonerakure? Where did they want to go concretely? So many questions without exact answer.
Let’s start with the most likely hypothesis: as they declared, each or in small groups, would have moved to go to the DRC to seek what to bring their families to life because, poverty today affects all Burundians, CNDDFDD members or not, except for certain CNDDFDD leaders who have had the opportunity to loot and who continue to plunder the country’s resources and who have become richer than the State. Life has become untenable in this country of the eagle children: no fuel, no electricity, no water, no drugs, no fertilizers, in short, the population lacks everything. The country has always been classified as poor on the planet since it has been under the yoke of CNDDFDD leaders. And yet, the one who is at his head today, Evariste Ndayishimiye has no shame to say publicly, before representatives of the diaspora, that  » Belgium is nothing more than Burundi is not except the snow ». Ridicule does not kill. Yesterday, the same president Evariste Ndayishimiye and Albert Shingiro, his Minister of Foreign Affairs, found themselves on his knee before the representatives of the European Union to request the lifting of the sanctions imposed on them since 2016. They received promise, but the concretization is still Hold down by the fact that Evariste Ndayishimiye is always a man who only talks without concrete acts.
The second hypothesis would be that arrest and imprisonment would be a montage of the CNDDFDD to be able to put Uwizeyimana, CNL representative in Busoni commune in prison. These members of the Militia Imbonerakure imprisoned with him could be released, one by one, in the coming days.
The last hypothesis and the most desired, would be that the members of the CNDDFDD and those of the CNL would all have understood that they have a single enemy: a small group of leaders of the CNDDFDD who took a whole people hostage by silence Everyone by terror to continue to plunder the resources of the State without embarrassment when all the other Burundians are languishing in an unnamed misery.
URN Hitamwoneza has always asked all Burundians, without exception, this awareness so that everyone is going together to fight the source of extreme poverty that strikes our beautiful country: the bad governance of the CNDDFDD system. If people decide to leave the country to go to the DRC, we hope that it is not only to seek something to live, it is also probably to join all those who think of changing things in Burundi; because it is in the sole way that Burundi can regain its dignity, security and development of all its children.

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