Burundi: Pasteur Habimana: a manipulator manipulated

Burundi: Pasteur Habimana: a manipulator manipulated
He was known by the name of Pasteur Habimana when he was still a spokesperson for the FNL-Palipehutu at the maquis. He was still on all the media to talk about the exploits of his movement in the genocide he perpetrated against the Tutsis. It was he who claimed, the ignoble massacre of more than 150 Banyamulenge refugees in Gatumba in 2004. However, he and his chief are sink in a country led by genocidaires.
Today, he prefers the name of Nikobamye Methuselah, perhaps to try to create confusion in the heads of Burundian and human rights defenders; he try to hide his former name of Habimana Pasteur.
After the signing of the ceasefire agreements, he did not accompany his FNL movement much in the political struggle, but he was rather instrumentalised by the CNDDFDD power to weaken the FNL of Agathon Rwasa by dividing it into wings. This manoeuvre was one of the strategies used by former President Pierre Nkurunziza and General Adolphe Nshimirimana to completely destroy all political parties likely to stand up to the CNDDFDD during the elections. The FNL, transformed into CNL, remains the only party to be able to resist further on the ground. He, too, disappointed everyone by being powerless to react to the shameless cheating of the CNDDFDD during elections in 2020. Direct consequence: its members are regularly killed, arbitrarily arrested and imprisoned and their leaders, who were satisfied with Some places in Parliament prefer to be silent to enjoy their wages.
Let us leave this political register to speak economy. Indeed, the same rebellious of yesterday, Mathuselah Nikobamye, wakes up today and proclaims himself liberating from Burundi by making a great supplier of fuel at a lower cost in Burundi. To believe it is to be ignorant like him.
The announcement of this « good news » (for those who believe in it) was made on social networks by the great racist, an extremist private journalist, Kenny Claude Nduwimana. As usual, he puts responsibility for the lack of fuel in Burundi at ‘’ Babandi ’’ (to say the Tutsis) which still have large actions in banks, insurance and certain businesses, such as fuel; he said in a long recorded and published audio. For him, the CNDDFDD has only political power, but has no economic power. His hatred towards the Tutsis goes so far as to ask the CNDDFDD power to close all the banks and insurances in which the Tutsis still have capital. He then asked the CNDDFDD system to approach Mathuselah to solve the problem of lack of fuel in Burundi.
The latter was quick to make a media outing in turn, to announce that he, with the company « Gasen Petroleum Group » are ready to make Burundi a large fuel distribution centre in the region, provided that the government signs a letter of credit to them.
This kind of lie comes at a time when certain private media already talked about a new company called « Prestige » which would provide fuel to the DRC and which would seem to use the few dollars of the BRB (bank of the Republic of Burundi) and which would belong to Angéline Ndayishimiye, the first lady of Burundi, in collaboration with a son of the former Rwandan genocidal president Juvénal Havyarimana living in France. True or false ? We have not yet done in -depth investigations to find out more.
However, knowing the way of the CNDDFDD system to make assemblies when he wants to kill innocent or divert the country’s resources, there is reason to think that there is a link between the two companies. Methuselah Nikobamye would then be used by the presidential couple to be the visible part of the iceberg when Neva and a handful of CNDDFDD men want to appropriate the fuel trade in Burundi. Evariste Ndayishimiye had already announced, during his meeting with the representatives of the diaspora in Ngozi, that it was only necessary to wait for a while, the problem of fuel in Burundi will be definitively resolved. Only the one who does not know him yet. Maybe he had this illusion.
Everyone knows that the glaring lack of fuel is caused by the lack of currencies in Burundi, aggravated by the termination of the Taluk Bachir business man delivery contract, who delivered him to Gitega’s power. His 50 years suppling fuel contract signed with former president Pierre Nkurunziza was suspended by the power of Evariste Ndayishimiye. Even if he keeps saying that he has economic advisers outside the country (like Olivier Buyoya), he should not suspend the Taluk Bachir contract, without having found another which has already demonstrated his abilities as satisfy the Burundian market. Big mistake!
Today, Evariste Ndayishimiye and his CNDDFDD system will face not only with the resistance of this rich businessman who risks translating the country into justice for contact suspending illegaly and the arrears of payment that he owes him, but also All those who fight beaks and nails for this market (everyone saying: it goes or it breaks), will always face the Taluk blocking; Very influential in all circuits for obtaining currencies and fuel distribution. And it is the average citizen who will always pay the broken pots. The Chao will continue and accentuate. Already, only Burundians know how much the cost of the ticket has been multiplied, and transport has a direct influence on the price of all basic necessities for all Burundians, including CNDDFDD members.
URN Hitamwoneza finds that the CNDDFDD system has lost the compass on this fuel problem and will not get out of it without breakages. To Hutus extremist racists like Kenny Claude Nduwimana and Pasteur Habimana and the many others in the CNDDFDD system who want to take on all responsibility for the mismanagement of the CNDDFDD to the Tutsis who would still have some capital in some sectors of the country’s economic life, which they know that the future has unpleasant surprises in store for them. Sooner or later, the truth will be brought to light and they will no longer have where to hide in this world. Burundi has become the poorest country on the planet as soon as the CNDDFDD has taken power. We remind all Burundians, without exception, that as long as the CNDDFDD system will still be in power, we will have neither sustainable peace nor desired development. To each of us all to know how to go about getting out of this situation. The ball is in our cam

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