Burundi: The sprinkler may be sprinkled

Burundi: The sprinkler may be sprinkled
We are talking about the CNDDFDD system which has just officially sent soldiers and members of the Militia Imbonerakure in the DRC, supposedly to support the Congolese armed forces (FARDC) to fight the M23 which has already conquered part of the territory. Too many lies in this deployment and in the fight led by the FARDC.
The first lie is to say that the FARDC are fighting all the armed groups on its territory. This is why the EAC heads of state had decided to be deployed a regional force in this country. However, everyone knows and even the United Nations recognizes that there are more than 100 armed groups in this country. The Congolese army, supported by UN forces, Monusco, have spent more than 20 years without managing to dislodge them from their positions. Lack of means or lack of will? Everyone knows the answer.
The hidden face of the Congolese authorities and the UN forces was revealed when the collaboration between the Monusco, the FARDC, the FDLR and certain extremist groups May May to fight the M23 that the same extremist racists qualify as a group Composed by Tutsis and supported by Rwanda. Why are you just joining and focusing on the M23 when there are a multitude of other armed groups? Behind this attitude is the ideology of genocide of the Tutsis that the FDLR continued to propagate in total impunity in this country. This is why the Congolese Tutsi soldiers, the Congolese Rwandophones, the Banyamulenge, and even the Burundian refugees are regularly chased by these racists in order to kill the maximum possible. And it is for the same reason that the CNDDFDD power hosts the FDLR/FLN staff and gives them a rear base in the Kibira in order to disturb the security of neighbouring Rwanda. It is the same CNDDFDD power that has just taken the front by sending troops to the DRC in support of the FARDC. Note that in addition to the soldiers and Imbonerakure officially sent on August 15, 2022, another military battalion and the imbonerakure have been unofficially there since November 2021 supposedly to fight the Red Tabara.
Second shameless lie: the media say that these Burundian soldiers are deployed within the framework of the regional force decided in Nairobi by the heads of state of the EAC. It was announced from its design that it will be under Kenyan command. However, this strength has not yet been deployed to date. According to the spokesperson for the operational force in South Kivu, the Burundian soldiers will be under the command of the FARDC because they will be in support of the latter. That people do not think it is because President Evariste Ndayishimiye is currently president of the EAC that he was the first to deploy his men in the DRC. Far from there ; This early deployment compared to other countries is the result of the interviews that the Burundian president had with his counterpart Antoine Felix Tshisekedi during his 5 -day visit to Burundi in May 2022. Burundi risks being alone to deploy his men in this country. He already has good relations with the FDLR/FLN, allies of the FARDC; They think they are easier to perpetrate the genocide of the Tutsis in the DRC and elsewhere in the region; But the thing will not be easy for them. We will come back to it.
Another lie in this deployment is related to the staff of the military recently deployed in the east of the DRC. The media spoke of 630 soldiers; But our source of information tells us about 1,000 soldiers who would have been prepared for this mission. They would come from the 111st BN, less patients, the next retirees and the infirm; These were replaced by elements extracted from the 212nd BN, 112nd BN, PM and EMR. Initially, these Burundian soldiers should be deployed in North Kivu. Would Uvira only be a first fall point to continue after their way? We will know.
Why hide the real workforce? The most likely hypothesis is that every 1,000 prepared soldiers were all deployed in the DRC and that the 370 will complement the soldiers and Imbonerakure who were already in operation in this sector where they say that they are looking for the Red Tabara and who would have already, according to some sources, suffered huge losses (FDNB and Imbonerakure).
Should we expect results on the combat field after this reinforcement to the FARDC sent by the CNDDFDD power? Far from there. Why ? Because one is not their goal. Unofficially, this force is sent to combine with the FARDC, on May May, the FDLR, why not the ADFs for, think they crush the M23 wrongly qualified as a majority of movement. We tell them that it is pure illusion. It is not these imbonerakure and these Burundian soldiers, poorly equipped and poorly trained, without cohesion and without discipline, which will change the balance of power on the combat field. What is still serious is that they will be under the command of the FARDC; They will do as they are used to doing it: fold in front of a fed fire and leave all their equipment on site. The risk is great that none of these Burundian soldiers return to the country if they are engaged in this fight. That parents who know that their children have gone in this mission in the DRC already prepare their mourning; They will not even see the corpses of theirs. Of two, the only hope of seeing them again is that they are deployed not to fight, but to just occupy land and extract ores, (as most armed groups do) to fill the pockets of President Ndayishimiye and some influential leaders (soldiers and civilians) who set it up (after the cheating of the 2020 elections).
URN Hitamwoneza still reminds all those who want to hear it, that the CNDDFDD is the basis of the insecurity which reigns in the sub-region of the Great Lakes because Burundi, under its power, has become the command post of the genocidal forces who are still trying to complete the genocide of the Tutsis in the region. In Burundi, it is not a complicated affair, it only takes a small trigger for all the Tutsis and the Hutus of the opposition to be surrounded and massacred in one night. All the necessary censuses have been made; Each imbonerakure has a number of households to massacre in its viewfinder. Dethrone the CNDDFDD and completely destroying the system is one of the solutions for all security problems that undermine this sub-region.

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