Burundi: Arms of iron between Neva and Bunyoni or simple diversion game?

Burundi: Arms of iron between Neva and Bunyoni or simple diversion game?
Burundians have been flooded in recent days by written messages, audio or videos, which reveal a certain unhealthy climate within the CNDDFDD system in power. Rather, it looks like a standoff between two men from power: President Evariste Ndayishimiye and Prime Minister Allain Guillaume Bunyoni.
What are the facts?
On the one hand, we see Bunyoni on social networks, in one of the churches of which he is a pastor, who presents his wife as a queen (Umwamikazi). Escorted by two security agents and a woman who plays the protocol, the queen appeared before the faithful and reminds them that in 2009, she was a woman of a minister; She spoke with God who revealed to her that she will be raised to a higher level: and now she became the Prime Minister’s wife. And the queen to add: « I’m even waiting for the continuation » (n’ibindi ndabirindirye).
None are entitled to ask the question that directly has its answer. What is the place that follows that of the Prime Minister in Burundi? That of the president no doubt. By calling his wife queen, Bunyoni automatically becomes king. Does he have the ambitions to become king of Burundi? Does he already have a well-established plan to conquer the place of the current king, Evariste Ndayishimiye? And when the queen says she is waiting for the rest; Would it be a way of publicly revealing her husband’s ambitions?
On the other hand, we also find President Evariste Ndayishimiye, upset, who uses the term « king » when he reminds the Burundians the Count of « Maconco ». The latter, to whom the king had given his daughter, made his favourite dog steal, symbol of his power. When he learned that his dog is in his son -in -law, the king mobilized his troops who attacked Maconco and who killed him. Evariste Ndayishimiye says that the king had given everything Maconco, but he sought to become a king too, but he died without getting there. Neva has thus asked all the current maconco to lay down their arms because they will also die without achieving their goal. And to add that a general like him is not afraid of a coup and believes that even if they were trying, he would come out victorious by divine force. At the beginning of his statement, Evariste Ndayishimiye speaks as a preacher by saying:  » When you read the Bible, you cannot afford to consider yourself a powerful man (ighangange) because one day, the stick of God will be able to hit you and you exterminate with your whole family, so much so that people would wonder what kind of sin you have committed  ». Who is he talking about? Who is this man who considers himself powerful in Burundi after Evariste Ndayishimiye? It’s indeed Allain Guillaume Bunyoni. The man who has everything: power and money. Neva also talked about men who paralyze the importation of fuel and sugar, the distribution of fertilizers, etc. This is probably followers of this powerful man whom he refers. He says he has lost time to lament himself, but that this time – he will take all these files in hand alone. That people start to criticize, he will assume responsibility for the interest of the people, he adds. And he claims to have all the execution bodies of his decisions in place: the defence and security forces, the police maintenance and justice. He asked them to follow these criminals closely to prevent them from acting. It concludes with an unleashed hope that: ‘’ Never a coup d’Etat; Never again a war in Burundi ’’. He quotes his predecessor whom he calls « Sogo » (Pierre Nkurunziza) who said that « God is witness ».
Comments: If President Evariste Ndayishimiye is reassured that there will be no more coup, that there will be no more war in Burundi; What makes him say all these speeches? What annoys him? Wouldn’t that be the fear of being ejected one day from his presidential chair by the very people who imposed him in power and who found that they were mistaken about the individual because the nation is shame?
To see everything, he said, it shows that he is unable to react. Otherwise, a serious President of the Republic who has all the state bodies at his disposal, would have already taken concrete measures to put aside all these people who consider themselves « powerful », and who would seek to replace him . If he has done nothing, it shows that he does not control all the execution bodies of any decision he would make. He will then be satisfied, as always, of speeches; He will continue to lament in front of his managed. But until when? Wait and See
On the other hand, the man he dared to point the finger indirectly in public has become like an injured lion, who sees blood on his body (Intambwe yibonyeko amaraso). He speaks little, but acts badly in silence. He has all the financial and human means at his disposal. In his pride, he will hardly digest this frontal attack in public and will not be satisfied with the defensive. And besides, it is said that « the best defence is the attack ».
What will happen then?
No one knows it for the moment. But, in view of these speeches on both sides, to think that if Evariste Ndayishimiye could not mobilize his troops to stop Bunyoni directly and translate him before the national courts (replacing him in his post would be more dangerous for Neva); It remains to expect a ball in the cerebellum and the coup d’Etat will follow directly
Is there really fire in the house or is it just a diversion game from the CNDDFDD system?
It is difficult to know. This is the explosion that will prove it to us. Otherwise, we know that the dictatorial powers which are under threats can invent scenarios to distract the people so that he turns his attention elsewhere especially when he has claims that power does not manage to satisfy. Burundi is classified as poor country on the planet; Lambda Burundian is lacking today. Only CNDDFDD leaders who have had opportunities to plunder the little the country has very rich, and richer than the State. The example is striking is that of Allain Guillaume Bunyoni, this powerful man who scares Evariste Ndayishimiye. However, the military, the police are unhappy, the members of the CNDDFD are unhappy, we are not talking about the rest …. and, instead of looking for solutions, the power of Evariste Ndayishimiye organizes prayer sessions; President Ndayishimiye floods the faithful of the speeches of good intentions, of hope of an earthly paradise, when some of them did not even have their evening ration, we are not talking about breakfast. Today, the CNDDFDD system would not fail to evoke coups in preparation to make you forget, for a small laps of time, the Calvary that the Burundians are living. In the meantime, Evariste will remain president and will continue to make good speeches without any concrete act; Bunyoni will remain Prime Minister and will continue to enrich themselves and build new castles; And the people will continue to languish in misery.
Urnhitamwoneza once again asks the Burundian people, all together without exception, to take shelter from these CNDDFDD games which will never give them salvation; But to think of a lasting solution. It is unique: chase the CNDDFDD system of power and find other leaders capable of saving the Burundi from this great hole in which it was plunged by the CNDDFDD power. It is from this moment that all those who have committed blood crimes or economic crimes will be translated before competent courts to answer for their actions

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