Burundi: CNDDFDD leaders abusively use the name of the Lord

Burundi: CNDDFDD leaders abusively use the name of the Lord
Since he was in power in 2005, the CNDDFD has always told the Burundian people that he put forward the Lord in all his actions. Very difficult to believe it, because there would have been as many deaths since then until today because the Lord is love (1 John 4: 8) « He who does not like did not know God , for God is love ”(1 John 4: 8). Whoever does not like is in contradiction with the very nature of God. Fraternal love between Christians is a reflection of divine love. To read this only verse from the Bible, can we really dare to say that the CNDDFDD, by its actions, put forward the Lord? Everyone can give the answer.
We are challenged by our Christian conscience to react to one of the sentences that started the lamentations of President Evariste Ndayishimiye on 2 Sept 2022 in Gitega in front of the magistrates, when he violently attacks all those who would have hints of blow State.
Evariste Ndayishimiye said:  » He who reads the Bible cannot afford to consider himself as  » Almighty  » (igihangange) because one day, the stick of God can hit him and decimate him with all his family, to Such a point that people would wonder what kind of sin he committed  ». (Here we try to translate)
We were a little bit surprised to hear this sentence from the mouth of the one who always says he is a fervent Catholic Christian and who shouts all day long in all his speeches, that God is by his side, that he inspires him what TO DO. We say  » a little bit surprised  » because, in Matthew 7:21, it is written: « It is not all those who say to me: » Lord, Lord « , who will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only Those who make the will of my father who is in heaven  ».
We were deeply shocked because this practice of extermination of people with all their families is known as a mode of action of the CNDDFDD. Think about Bde Gen Athanase Kararuza in Gihosha in April 2016, to the Cameraman Christophe Nkezabahizi in Ngagara, in April 2016, and particularly that of the retiree Donatien Mpfayokurera, in which the father, the mother and 4 children were all decimated in a single night of January 3, 2021 on the Gusenyi hill, in Buhiga commune, in Karuzi. We only limit ourselves to these three illustrative examples because the list is long.
Hearing this sentence in the mouth of President Ndayishimiye, (cited above) we asked ourselves the question of whether he thought of this satanic practice of the death squads of his party and that he intends to use the same Formula for those who are trying to overthrow him on his presidential chair. And what is unhappy is that such ideas cross his mind and that he dares to invoke the name of God at the same time. How can a true Christian think exterminate an entire family from the one who tries to make a coup? Since ancient times, we have seen coups everywhere; Sometimes they succeed, and the putschists become heroes, when they fail, some flee the countries, others are arrested and imprisoned, others have died, but their families are not crushed.
And Evariste Ndayishimiye to conclude that there will be no more coup or war in Burundi and he adds that God is witness (there he quotes his predecessor Pierre Nkurunziza, died in circumstances not yet elucidated, and the rumours say that Neva would have some responsibility in his death: it is often said that in politics, the obstacles are removed). Again, here is the name of the Lord abusively mentioned.
On this subject, the Bible tells us: « You will not take the name of the Lord, your God, in vain; for the Lord will not leave the one who will take his name uninformed in vain « (Exodus 20: 7). ‘’ You will not swear falsely by my name, because you would profane the name of your God. I am the Lord. ’’ (Leviticus 24:16); Leviticus 20: 3:  » and I will turn my face against this man, and I will take him off from the middle of his people, because he delivered his children to Moloc, defiled my sanctuary and desecrated my holy name  » .
Let us stop these few biblical verses to conclude that the CNDDFDD uses the name of the Lord, only to mobilize the mass, with a Christian majority, but the acts of his leaders show the opposite of the will of God. Leaders who kill, who sow hatred between the brothers and sisters, who imprison abusively, who torture people, who make others exile, and who plunder their pockets when the sons and the daughters of the country die of hunger and diseases. They are not acts of the children of God, but of Satan.
We apologize to the members of this CNDDFDD party who are trying to make the will of God by sowing the love of God and the people around. May the all -powerful give them the courage and the strength to change things. To all those who use the name of Christ for their political interests, Urnhitamwoneza reminds them that divine mercy makes them still in ease for a certain time (they have power and money, sometimes badly acquired) , but they have to know this:  » Do not be mistaken: we do not make fun of God. What a man has sown, he will also harvest it’’ (Galatian 6: 7).

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