Burundi: What becomes Allain Guillaume Bunyoni after his dismissal as Burundi Prime Minister?

Burundi: What becomes Allain Guillaume Bunyoni after his dismissal as Burundi Prime Minister?
Rumours are becoming more and more reality. President Evariste Ndayishimiye has just gone from lamentations to concrete acts. After announcing to the Burundians on September 2, 2022, at the Gitega stadium, that there are people who have « all powerful » who want to replace him in the presidential chair, we all thought of Allain Guillaume Bunyoni. Today, CNDDFDD power has just proved us right.
It was this Wednesday, September 7, 2022 that the National Assembly Burundi gathered rushed to approve the candidacy of Gervais Ndirakobuca, alias Ndakugarika to the post of Prime Minister of the Government of Burundi to replace Allain Guillaume Bunyoni. He was quickly appointed to this position by a presidential decree N0 100/105 of September 07, 2022. He was so far the Super Minister of the Interior, Public Security and Community Development. Ndakugarika has been 100% approved and he has been invested on the same day and it is possible that Burundians have a new government without delay. Police General Gabriel Nizigama alias Tibia could be part of the new government because he has just been replaced the same day as chief of staff of the president by Colonel Sindayihebura Aloys, by presidential decree n0 100/104 of 07 Sept 2022
The question that remains asked is to know the new place of Allain Guillaume Bunyoni, he who coveted the place of the President of the Republic (if we believe in the statements of Evariste Ndayishimiye on 02 Sept 2022 in Gitega: he did not said his name, but we just had confirmation that it was him which was targeted). And by reminding the Burundians the Count of Maconco the rebel, who, despite all that the king had given him, always sought to occupy the place of the king, Evariste Ndayishinmiye affirmed that those who covet his place will die without achieving it as Maconco.
Yes, he has just succeeded in replacing Allain Guillaume Bunyoni. Will he have him executed as the king killed Maconco? Another interesting question: is the dream of becoming President of the Republic over for Allain Guillaume Bunyoni? Wait and See
We do not yet know the conclusions of so many days and nights of consultations in recent days by the most influential leaders of the CNDDFDD. Replacing Allain Guillaume Bunyoni with Gervais Ndirakobuca is one of the major decisions that was taken during these consultations. Surely Bunyoni’s fate was also decided. We will know it soon. But, there are not a thousand possibilities. Either he will be imprisoned as the case of Hussein Radjabu, or he will be eliminated if he tries to resist. One last option, the least likely, is that it flees the country. Having left Gasekebuye to go and live in Kanyosha in his new villa, gives him the opportunity to flee before he was arrested. If Evariste Ndayishimiye did not take all the measures to put him in the eyelet of security agents, this place gives him gold opportunities to volatilize in nature (but we do not know if he still has courage to do so seen the ease in which he lives, he who has become rich more than the State)
The most likely option is that it is imprisoned. In this case, the judges and crimes at his expense would already be prepared. It would remain to take action. Probably the power of Evariste Ndayishimiye is, in the meantime, to target his accomplices, to either imprison them with him or plan the repression measures in the event of violent or peaceful reactions.
We will come back in detail on the composition of the two blocks (that of Allain Guillaume Bunyoni and that of Neva) because there are a lot of unsaid; There will undoubtedly be sympathizers of Bunyoni who will change position today
URN Hitamwoneza finished by giving an advice to the Burundian. Today, this act has just proved to the whole world that the CNDDFDD system is not able to direct Burundi and lead it to development like other countries. He is responsible for all blood crimes and economic crimes committed in Burundi. It is not by replacing Ndakugarika with Bunyoni that the problem is solved. Ndakugarika is probably more dangerous than his predecessor; And this is the system that continues to lead the country. We ask Burundians to stay serene and rather think of a lasting solution. In the meantime, go back to your place, avoid the gathering at night, avoid comments to the phones on what has just happened and wait for the continuation of events because Bunyoni and his team could reserve us, sooner or later, no pleasant surprises (this man has a lot of influence and money).

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