Burundi: After 58 years of independence, the Burundian people need sincere, realistic leaders with clean hands.

July 1, 2020

Burundi: After 58 years of independence, the Burundian people need sincere, realistic leaders with clean hands.
Happy Independence Day anyway. On July 1, 1962, a Belgian flag was lowered, a Burundian flag was hoisted. This is a visible gesture of independence. All Burundians will never forget the patriotism of Prince Louis Rwagasore, his sincerity in his speeches could not be more unifying. We have not yet seen a man of this calibre in our country. He was the one who said what he really thinks and what he can achieve. He was elected by Hutus and Tutsis because he had plans that brought hope to all. Today, we are voting for ethnicity and not for a social project.
True independence is not the departure of the colonizers, it has been noticed that certain peoples have become more slaves than they were during the colonial period. Others had respite for a period of time, but suffered even more during the so-called powers of national leaders who became wicked than the settlers (genocide, civil wars, crimes against humanity, and serious violations of human rights, bad governance and consequently impoverishment of the population).
True independence is the one which provides all the people, without any distinction, human security (understand by that physical security, good food, health, good education, everything that provides the well-being of the people). Prince Louis Rwagasore gathered all the people without any distinction under projects that could ensure their well-being. He said it and he did it. He deserves to be called HERO.
Today, by language’s abuse, certain leaders are called heroes of democracy, heroes of patriotism, etc. However, their speeches never corresponded to their actions. How can Ndadaye Melchior be called hero by all Burundians and the international community while teaching democracy (multiparty), he and his Frodebu party taught that if they did not win (because numerically majority), there will have been cheating, and therefore it will be necessary to exterminate all Tutsis. They also said that they would do the same if something happened to him (there they thought the possibility of a military coup). And, so said, thus done, he was killed, and the genocide was committed by members of his Frodebu party. And his name is hero. It’s almost an insult to put him on an equal footing as Prince Louis Rwagasore.
How the members of the cnddfdd who selectively killed people (the Tutsis) during the time of the rebellion until massacring the survivors of this genocide of 1993, call themselves heroes of patriotism. With their coming to power, they never stopped killing innocent people because they are Tutsi or because they are opposed to their governance.
Today, the new president never ceases to blind the people that now are the time for true independence. What kind of independence is he talking about? Thousands of people killed, others tortured, others imprisoned, others exiled, those in the country living in misery and total fear. This is the balance that this power can present after 15 years of reign. And this is true independence for Evariste Ndayishimiye? By reading between the lines, he wants to deceive the people of his ethnic group that it is independence because it is the Hutus who govern without sharing today. His « parent government » (leta mvyeyi) is a case in point. But, the Hutu population will always remain in misery, Ndayishimiye and his military clique will only fill their pockets.
After succeeding in cheating the May 2020 elections, the new president is promising mountains and wonders, but the people should know that these are just words. Where will he find the means to achieve all that he has promised? Salaries and free healthcare for retirees, funding of youth projects in each municipality, construction of hospitals in each municipality, repatriation and reintegration of displaced people and refugees, fight against corruption, fight against covid19, which has become a global pandemic, etc. as many projects he has just presented. The Burundian people today do not need this kind of demagogic discourse. He needs concrete actions to get them out of this poverty (the poorest country in the world). He needs the sincere authorities who join the action. The fight against Coronavirus, if done with honesty and the seriousness that it takes, asks you for colossal means which the government of Evariste Ndayishimiye will not be able to muster easily especially since it has even driven out the representatives of the WHO in Burundi. Where will he find help when he has just set up a military government with a prime minister at the head (Allain Guillaume Bunyoni), a super minister of interior and public security (Gervais Ndirakobuca alias Ndakugarika ), all under international sanctions, a Minister for Foreign Affairs (Albert Shingiro) who taunted the entire international community and who dares to deny a genocide (of the Tutsis in Rwanda in 1994) accepted by the United Nations.
URN HITAMWONEZA warns you once again of the dangers facing Burundi and its people. Evariste Ndayishimiye declares loud and clear that today is true independence. It is because he has just set up a cnddfdd government, and that he will exercise military power without sharing with other partners. He is ready to do whatever he wants, until the genocide. He promises things knowing that he is not going to achieve them. Those who escape the coronavirus will be miserable, and no one will dare to protest to demand their rights. The Burundian people need to be saved from this open prison. We once again ask the African Union and the United Nations to keep a watchful eye on this small country.