Burundi: Colonizers have a part of responsibility in the origin of Tutsi Genocide Ideology in the Great Lakes Region

Jun 28,2020

Burundi: Colonizers have a part of responsibility in the origin of Tutsi Genocide Ideology in the Great Lakes Region
It cannot be said enough, history shows us that the colonizers played a big role in the establishment of the ideology of genocide in the region of the Great Lakes. We want to focus on our country, Burundi. Let’s start from the colonial period with the Belgians in Rwanda-Urundi and the British in Tanzania. Here we want to show how Burundi was reduced to a crumb, into a small country, when it was big. A territory equivalent to a third of the current area of Burundi has been glued to Tanzania while this territory does indeed belong to Burundi. This is the current Ngara district made up of the regions of Bugufi and Buhangaza. History tells us that the British who wanted a railway from South Africa, passing through Tanzania and Burundi, signed conventions with the Belgians who agreed to cede Bugufi and Buhangaza to them in exchange for ports of Kigoma and Dar Es Salaam to unload products from Europe there and then transport them easily to Burundi via Tanganyika Lake. The Concession also concerned the Gisaka region of Rwanda. They signed documents, and they still exist.
The project was not carried out, but the two regions were not returned to Burundi, they remained for Tanzania. This is the current Ngara district. Gisaka was turned over to Rwanda because their king who was of age claimed it. Our young Mwambutsa did not do it. Those who followed, one after another to the power always found themselves trapped between the desire to maintain power (sometimes recovered by military force with the complicity or support of these colonizers) and that of claiming this territory at the risk of attracting the wrath of these same colonizers, who, even gone, kept a significant influence on the management of power.
Part of the port of Dar es Salaam is said to have been exploited by Burundi by passing through its goods, but the management of revenues from this port has always remained opaque. In reality, these are not the advantages that Tanzania would give to Burundi for the operation of this port, but, since there has been a concession, the two ports should return squarely to Burundi since the two regions are an integral part of Tanzanian territory to date
The settler’s goal was to crumble the states that have more Tutsis because they saw them as intelligent, difficult to manage. They had to be assigned small states to suffocate them and then exterminate them.
Everyone is aware of France’s part in the advent or the imposition of democracy in our African states. Europeans have imposed on us this democracy, ‘’one man one voice’’ where the most numerous are the winners. They made it clear to Hutus that minorities cannot dominate them at all. They wanted to see on power people who could not stand up to them to do whatever they want in our states. They were looking for the natural riches that are in abundance in African sub-soils. The powers resulting from this democracy have always had difficulties because they have always encountered fierce opposition, sometimes financed by these settlers to make these countries ungovernable, to weaken them and find an easy door to enter.
There are also African settlers. It is these leaders, once they have come to power, only fill their pockets when their people continue to languish in total misery. They continue to endorse the misfortunes of the people on the backs of European settlers when they are primarily responsible for them.
The good relations that exist between the military clique in power in Burundi and Tanzania are part of this logic. The businesses that still work today, and that fuel the Burundian economy, are investments by Tanzanian leaders. It is not free that former Tanzanian President Jakaya Kikwete shows up in Burundi every time there is a small event. Everything that could move the country forward is in the hands of these cnddfdd leaders and these Tanzanian authorities. Their relations date from the time of the rebellion, Tanzania gave its support during the period of the rebellion, probably that they even signed conventions in connection with the famous ports of Dar es Salaam and Kigoma. When the military clique says that it is today that the Burundian people acquired true independence (an abuse of language), what prevents them from claiming from Tanzania Bugufi and Buhangaza? It is certain that they have interests in common, at a time when the people suffer from nameless misery in a poorest country in the world.
URNHITAMWONEZA attracts the attention of the Burundian people and other Africans that Europeans still have interests in Africa; that instead of drowning in unnamed political conflicts, we should rather focus on good governance and development because the riches of our subsoil may be enough to live better. Burundians must remember that those Bugufi and Buhangaza territory will have to return to Burundi, sooner or later. And all these men who were on power who, under fear of the Europeans, could not claim what comes to us by law as Burundians will one day have to appear before the competent courts. The military clique on power today, who, for its personal and selfish interests, seeks to make people forget the file in complicity with Tanzania, should know that they will also have to answer to the Burundian people. Planning genocide in Burundi or in the region could rather be fatal to them instead of thinking that it is a way to get rid of the annoying elements and reign supreme all their life.